Sharpshooter Class Skills Showcase (Torchlight 3)

Sharpshooter Class Skills Showcase

(2021 Edition after certain re-balance & changes)

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The Sharpshooter class has received some changes throughout 2020 mostly under the form of bug fixes & rebalancing of the abilities. The start of 2021 is a good time to make this new version of my older & very outdated Sharpshooter Skills Showcase (which was made when Early Access started). This is the 2021 Edition and I hope it helps people in figuring out if the Sharpshooter Class is their cup of tea and also gives them ideas regarding certain “build-around-me” items that they could use as synergies for specific skills.

Showcase Video footage:

Precision Skills (Piercing DMG, AoE DMG, & Utility) :

NOTE: To unlock the Tier 1, 2 ,3 bonuses the specific skill needs to be at lvls 3, 6, and 10. The cooldown and Damage % numbers listed are for lvl 1 of each skill.

  • Reload (Cooldown: 0 Sec ; Charges Cooldown 10 Sec) – Restore all your ammo and reset the cooldowns for all of your Adventurer skills. Tiers:

    1. Reload reduces Ammo costs by -25% for 6 sec.
    2. +30% Damage for Precision Skills
    3. Reload gains a Charge
  • Targeted Strikes (Cooldown: 0 Sec ; Costs: 5 Ammo) – Fire three piercing shots, each dealing 143% Weapon Damage. Tiers:

    1. Each successive hit in a volley now deals +25% more Damage
    2. +30% Ammo recharge rate
    3. Every third Targeted Strikes fires larger arrows that deal double Damage
  • Tight Grouping (Cooldown: 0 Sec ; Costs: 4 Ammo) – Fire a slim cluster of arrows dealing 195% Weapon Damage to all targets in the arc. Tiers:

    1. Tight Grouping now Slows enemies for -40% movement speed for 2 sec.
    2. +10% Relic Energy Charge Rate
    3. Tight Grouping now fires a second burst every third volley
  • Explosive Arrow (Cooldown: 0 Sec ; Costs: 5 Ammo) – Fire an explosive-tipped arrow that detonates on impact for 364% Weapon Damage. Tiers:

    1. Explosive Arrow makes enemies Burn for 50% Weapon Damage for 3 sec.
    2. 5% Chance for Precision Skills to Stun for 1 sec.
    3. Using Explosive Arrow makes your next three ranged Basic Attacks explode for 50% Weapon Damage
  • Onslaught (Cooldown: 0 Sec ; Costs: 10 Ammo) – Rain down a hailstorm of arrows from the sky dealing 78% Weapon Damage and lasting 4 sec. Tiers:

    1. +50% Duration for Onslaught
    2. +10% Damage to Relic Skills
    3. Onslaught’s rain of arrows now includes explosive arrows that detonate in a small area for 75% Weapon Damage
  • Scattershot (Cooldown: 1 Sec ; Costs: 5 Ammo) – Use your ranged weapon and do a short range, wide cone burst of projectiles, each dealing 290% Weapon Damage. Holding it down increases the damage up to 870%. Tiers:

    1. +50% for Scattershot’s Range
    2. +50% Damage for Ranged Basic Attacks
    3. Scattershot’s fully charged bonus is increased by +50%
  • Heartseeker (Cooldown: 8 Sec ; Costs: 7 Ammo) – Fire a piercing arrow that knocks enemies back and does 364% Weapon Damage on hit and leaves them Bleeding for 40% Weapon Damage for 6 sec. Tiers:

    1. Heart Seeker Ammo Cost Removed
    2. 5% chance for Precision Skills to Heal you for 5% of your Total Health on Hit
    3. Heart Seeker now fires 3 missiles that seek out enemies, dealing Heart Seeker’s Weapon Damage%

Adventurer Skills (Mobility, Utility, Debuffs & Minions):

  • Ghost Visage (Cooldown: 0.4 Sec ; Charges Cooldown 10 Sec) – Movement Skill Drop into the spirit realm and reappear in a new location, after which you are Intangible, making you unable to be targeted or take damage for 6 sec. or until you attack again. Adventurer’s Bonus your next three Precision skills’ critical hit chance increased by 50% Overrides any other Adventurer Bonus. Tiers:
    1. Ghost Visage gains an additional Charge
    2. 25% chance to become Intangible after using a Potion for 3 sec.
    3. Triggering Ghost Visage leaves behind a spectre at your starting location that Taunts enemies for 2 sec.
  • Scout’s Bones (Cooldown: 4.8 Sec) – Summon an ancient rat spirit swarm that moves slowly, piercing targets for 120% Weapon Damage and leaves them Poisoned for another 60% Weapon Damage for 2 sec. Adventurer’s Bonus: your next three Precision skills apply Scout’s poison. Duration: 6 sec. Overrides any current Adventurer’s Bonus. Tiers:

    1. Scout’s Bones now gives an extra stack of its Precision Skill buff
    2. +10% Critical Hit Chance for Precision Skills
    3. Scout’s Bones now fires three balls of rats
  • Sacrifice to Goose (Cooldown: 7.2 Sec) – Call down the spirit of a great eagle you call ‘Goose’ who deals 60% Weapon Damage, knocks back enemies, and applies a 25% damage vulnerability to them for 6 sec. Adventurer’s Bonus: your next three Precision skills will fire three ghostly eagle missiles on activation, dealing 40% Weapon Damage on hit. Overrides any other Adventurer Bonus Tiers:
    1. +20% Damage Vulnerability for Sacrifice to Goose
    2. -10% for Sharpshooter Skill Cooldowns
    3. Sacrifice to Goose’s Adventurer Bonus fires two additional Eagles
  • Curse of Pi’pi (Cooldown: 5.4 Sec) – Conjure forth the watchful presence of the insanity-inducing god Pi’pi, inflicting 60% weapon damage and reducing their damage by -25% for 6 sec. Adventurer’s Bonus: your next three Precision skills will also apply this curse, stacking it up to two times. Overrides any other Adventurer Bonus. Tiers:
    1. Killing a cursed enemy now returns 10% Ammo
    2. 10% chance to return Ammo on kill for Precision skills
    3. Curse of Pi’pi pulses an additional two times after its initial activation
  • Rizzi’s Fate (Cooldown: 9 Sec) – Summon a field of hungry demon spirits collectively known as Rizzi, whose grasping hands damage enemies for 70% Weapon Damage and slows them for -50%. Area lasts 6 sec. Adventurer Bonus: your next three Precision skills will immobilize targets for 2 sec. Overrides any other Adventurer Bonus. Tiers:

    1. +50% Duration for Rizzi’s Fate
    2. +10% Damage to Blinded, Slowed, or Stunned enemies
    3. A ghostly Netherim caster appears in Rizzi’s Fate spell area, attacking enemies for 50% Weapon Damage
  • Goblin Legion (Cooldown: 24 Sec) – Summon two ghostly goblins enslaved to a ring you acquired who deal 30% Weapon Damage with a lifespan of 20 sec. Adventurer’s Bonus: your next three Precision skills will summon an additional goblin. Overrides any other Adventurer Bonus. Tiers:

    1. 12 sec. Increased Lifespan for Goblins
    2. +65% damage for your Pet
    3. Goblin Legion now summons a Ghostly Goblin Brute who deals 75% of your Weapon Damage
  • Loyal Shasta (Cooldown: 24 Sec) – Summon the spirit of your best friend, Shasta, who deals 90% Weapon Damage, gaining up to 5 stacks of a 10% damage buff whenever you or she are struck by enemies. Additionally, Shasta Taunts enemies every 8 sec. Summon Duration: 30 sec. Adventurer’s Bonus: your next three Precision skills will fear enemies for 3 sec. Overrides any other Adventurer Bonus. Tiers:
    1. 12 sec. increased summon Duration for Shasta
    2. 50% increased Damage to Taunted enemies (THIS BONUS IS AMAZING- it applied to you, your pet, & your minions so it’s a must have in any build! You can taunt with either Shasta or with Tier 3 Ghost Visage)
    3. Shasta now has a burning area around her, dealing 50% Weapon Damage

Possible Items to use as synergies:


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