Forged Class Skills Showcase (Torchlight 3)

Forged Class Skills Showcase

(2021 Edition after the Class Rework)

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The Forged class has been reworked with the December 2020 update (Snow & Steam) and I’ve been waiting for that rework to make this new version of my older & very outdated Forged Skills Showcase (which was made when Early Access started). This is the 2021 Edition and I hope it helps people in figuring out if the Forged Class is their cup of tea and also gives them ideas regarding certain “build-around-me” items that they could use as synergies for specific skills.

Showcase Video footage:

Heat Generators:

NOTE: To unlock the Tier 1, 2 ,3 bonuses the specific skill needs to be at lvls 3, 6, and 10. The cooldown and Damage %  numbers listed are for lvl 1 of each skill.

  • Cyclone Mode (Cooldown: 0 Sec ; Costs: 15 Heat) – Spin your way through foes, dealing 84% Weapon Damage several times per second. Tiers:

    1. +50% Cyclone Mode Heat generation
    2. 15% chance to heal for 3% total Health on hit for Brawl skills (2 sec. cooldown)
    3. After channeling Cyclone Mode for 1 sec., you explode for 100% Weapon Damage every second
  • Rapid Strike (Cooldown: 0 Sec ; Costs: 9 Heat) – Strike enemies in front of you with 3 rapid hits for 60% Weapon Damage each. Tiers:

    1. Rapid Strike hits an additional time
    2. +20% Brawl Skills damage
    3. Rapid Strike attack speed is increased by +30%
  • Rapid Fire (Cooldown: 0 Sec ; Costs: 3 Heat) – Unleash a torrent of bullets for 40% Chest Gun Damage. Gain up to 10 stacks of 10% Weapon Damage multiplier for Rapid Fire each time you deal damage. Buff lasts 5 sec. Tiers:

    1. Rapid Fire Boost can stack 3 more times
    2. +20% Barrage Skill damage
    3. Every 10th shot of Rapid Fire also shoots an extra piercing shot, dealing Rapid Fire’s current Weapon Damage
  • Shotgonne Blast (Cooldown: 0 Sec ; Costs: 13 Heat) – Wide cone-shaped attack that deals 192% Chest Gun Damage. Tiers:

    1. Shotgonne Blast gains 40% chance to Knockback enemies
    2. +20% Heat Generation
    3. While above 50% Heat Shotgonne Blast fires a piercing, flaming projectile, dealing skill’s current Weapon Damage

Vent Skills (Heat Spenders & Steam Generators):

  • Vortex Bomb (Cooldown: 7.2 Sec ; Vents All Heat) – Requires 50 Heat to activate. Pulls foes toward you then unleashes a devastating explosion, dealing 576% Weapon Damage. Doubles armor while being used. Stuns enemies for 2 sec. Generates Steam equal to the amount of Heat spent. Tiers:
    1. Double Armor Bonus lasts for 4 sec. after using Vortex Bomb
    2. +20% damage reduction when you melee attack
    3. Using Vortex Bomb lobs 4 Fire Bombs that deal skill’s current Weapon Damage in an area on impact
  • Coal Launch (Cooldown: 6.4 Sec ; Vents All Heat) – Requires 50 Heat to activate. Launch hot coals from your furnace that land and set the ground on fire. Deals 180% Chest Gun Damage, and 100% of the initial impact damage per second over time. Duration: 6 sec. Generates Steam equal to the amount of Heat spent. Tiers:

    1. Coal Launch fires an additional large coal that hits for a second impact on the targeted position for Coal Launch’s current Weapon Damage
    2. +25% damage to Vent skills
    3. Increase the size of the burning Coal Launch area by 50%
  • Not a True Vent skill but with the Raging Beater it can Vent Heat (without Generating Steam): Ramming Robot (Cooldown: 0 Sec; Charges Cooldown 10 Sec) – Movement Skill Charge headlong into foes, dealing 288% Weapon Damage and knocking them back. Tiers:
    1. Ramming Robot gains an additional charge
    2. +10% damage to Relic Skills
    3. Ramming Robot leaves behind burning hotspots, dealing 100% Weapon Damage

Steam Spenders:

  • Pressure Shot (Cooldown: 0 Sec ; Costs: 15 Steam) – Eject steam pressure, firing a high-powered blast that pierces enemies for 600% Chest Gun Damage. Tiers:

    1. -50% Steam Cost for Pressure Shot
    2. +10% Critical Hit chance for Barrage skills
    3. Every 4th Pressure Shot always critically hits and deals double damage
  • Critical Mass (Cooldown: 0 Sec ; Removes all Heat and Steam) – Requires over 75 Heat and Steam to Activate. Transfer all of your Heat into a pressurized wave, expelling it into enemies in front of you, dealing 2,030% Chest Gun damage. Tiers:

    1. Critical Mass generates 50 Heat over 10 seconds after use
    2. +10% Damage to Blinded, Slowed, or Stunned enemies
    3. Critical Mass size increased by 50%
  • Steam-Powered Uppercut (Cooldown: 0 Sec ; Costs: 15 Steam ) – Pressurize your arm servos, striking a single target with a mighty uppercut, dealing 720% Weapon Damage with a 20% chance to Stun for 2 sec. Tiers:

    1. When Steam-Powered Uppercut stuns, a large fist emerges from the ground, dealing damage a second time
    2. +10% Critical Hit chance for Brawl skills
    3. Every 3rd hit of Steam-Powered Uppercut deals double damage
  • Fracking Strike (Cooldown: 18 Sec ; Costs: 75 Steam) – Activate your arm-servos, slamming your fists into the ground, sending rippling waves of earth that hit enemies multiple times for 960% Weapon Damage each and Slow enemies by 50% for 4 sec. Tiers:
    1. Fracking Strike hits all nearby enemies a second time
    2. -10% to all Forged Skill Cooldowns
    3. -33% Steam Cost for Fracking Strike

Utility Skills:

  • Poison Dart (Cooldown: 4.8 Sec ; Costs: 19 Heat) – Fire a dart that explodes on impact, dealing 108% poison damage to an enemy on impact and leaves a lingering spot that Poisons enemies who stand in the area for 108% Chest Gun Damage as Poison per second for 6 sec. Tiers:

    1. Poison Dart Slows enemies who pass through it
    2. +65% damage for your Pet (only applies to the actual Pet not to any Minions/summons)
    3. Enemies killed while Poisoned by Poison Dart explode in a small area for Poison Dart’s current Weapon Damage
  • Power Projection (Cooldown: 18 Sec ; Costs: 20 Heat) – Emit an energy field granting allies standing in the area 50% bonus defense and generating Steam continuously for the duration. Duration: 8 sec. Tiers:

    1. Power Projection now heals you and your allies for 15% of your total health on start
    2. Your Block chance is increased by +10% for 4 sec. after venting
    3. Power Projection makes you Invulnerable for 2 sec. on cast
  • Sonic Pulse (Cooldown: 12 Sec) – Unleash a pulse that exposes enemy weaknesses, increasing all damage against them by 40% for 6 sec. Tiers:

    1. Sonic Pulse now Stuns enemies for 1 sec.
    2. +10% Relic Energy Charge Rate
    3. Sonic Pulse now increases the damage of your Steam-spending skills by 40% for 6 sec.

Possible Items to use as synergies:


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