Twisted Shade Rogue Build for Diablo IV [Top Melee Synergy]

Twisted Shade Rogue BUILD for Diablo IV [Top Melee Synergy]

(Swift Death awaits in the shadows those who dare come close enough)

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Diablo IV Season 2 (Season of the Blood) started on October 17th, 2023 for Players on PC (Battle.Net & Steam), XBOX, & PlayStation). After extensive testing, I bring you a Melee Rogue with a TOP Synergy for the archetype. The build’s easy to gear up & get things going but requires 1 non-codex aspect. 3 out of 4 Uniques are relatively easy to get from Uber Bosses too. As usual, I’ll evolve & keep my builds updated. This is one such build for the Rogue Class called Twisted Shade.

I’ve also made spreadsheets for my builds (see the links below) that have shortlisted the active and passive skills + legendary aspect + unique item + gems & sockets + suggested stat rolls + paragon boards that work well with the build which you can use to tinker. Alternatively, I’ve added a link to a new build calculator/planner (MOBALYTICS) that I’ll be using from now on as well which seems amazing.

This build will be updated when needed.

Video Version:

Skill Trees

Below you’ll see ONLY the Active & Passive skills that were selected for this build. For additional skills that can be taken + alternative skill options, you can check my Latest & older Builds spreadsheet on this link. This build (Twisted Shade) is one of the builds on that spreadsheet.

Basic Skill (Resource Generator/Builder) (Required Points: 0)

  • (active – ONLY put 1 point here) Puncture Throw blades a short distance, dealing 21% (X – ?) damage. Every 3rd cast Slows enemies by 2 seconds. Critical Strikes will always Slow.
    Requires Dual Wielded Weapons.
    Lucky Hit Chance: 35%
    Damage: Physical ; Tags: Basic, Ranged, Marksman
    • (1st upgrade) Enhanced Puncture Gain 2 Energy when Puncture damages a Crowd Controlled enemy.
    • (2nd upgrade – my pick of the 2) Fundamental Puncture Puncture now throws 3 blades in a spread, each dealing 35% of its Base damage. Hitting an enemy with at least 2 blades at once makes them Vulnerable for 2 seconds.

Spirit / Core Skill(s) (Resource Spender) (Required Points: 2 )

  • (active) Twisting Blades Impale an enemy on your blades, dealing 45% (X – ?) damage and making them take 8% (multiplicative) increased damage while impaled. After 1.5 seconds the blades return to you, piercing enemies for 72% (X – ?) damage. Combo Points increase damage and grant a Movement Speed bonus: 1: 58.5% damage & 20% Movement Speed (*MS) bonus ; 2: 72% damage & 40% *MS bonus ; 3: 85.5% damage & 60% *MS bonus
    Requires Dual Wielded weapons
    Energy Cost: 30 | Lucky Hit Chance: 33%
    Damage: Physical ; Tags: Core, Melee, Imbueable, Cutthroat
  • (1st upgrade) Enhanced Twisting Blades Twisting Blades deals 30% (multiplicative) increased damage when returning.
  • (2nd upgrade – my pick of the 2) Advanced Twisting Blades When your Twisting Blades return, your active Cooldowns are reduced by 0.1 second per enemy they passed through, up to 2 seconds.
  • (passive) Sturdy You gain 4%/8%/12% Close Damage Reduction.
    • (upgrade) Siphoning Strikes Heal for 1%/2%/3% of your Maximum Life when you Critically Strike Close enemies.
  • (passive) Stutter Step – Critically Striking an enemy grants +5%/+10%/+15% Movement Speed for 4 seconds.
  • (passive) did not pick any other Core passives to save points

Agility Skills (Required Points: 6 )

  • (active – ONLY put 1 point here) Shadow Step Become Unstoppable and quickly move through the shadows and stab your victim from behind for 72% (X – ?) damage. Gain 50% increased Movement Speed for 2 seconds afterwards.
    Requires Dual Wielded weapons
    Charges Cooldown: 9 seconds ; Skill Use Cooldown: 0 seconds
    Lucky Hit Chance: 100%
    Damage: Physical ; Tags: Agility, Melee, Imbueable, Cutthroat
    • (1st upgrade) Enhanced Shadow Step – Damaging an enemy with Shadow Step increases your Critical Strike Chance against them by +8% for 3 seconds
    • (2nd upgrade – my pick of the 2) Methodical Shadow Step – Enemies damaged by Shadow Step are Stunned for 2 seconds.
  • (passive) Weapon Mastery Gain a bonus when attacking based on weapon type:
    Daggers: 5%/10%/15% (multiplicative) increased damage to Healthy enemies.
    Swords: 3%/6%/9% (multiplicative) increased damage.
    Bows: 4%/8%/12% (multiplicative) increased damage to Vulnerable enemies.
    Crossbows: 5%/10%/15% (multiplicative) increased Critical Strike Damage.
  • (passive) Rugged – Gain 5%/10%/15% Damage Reduction against Damage Over Time effects.
    • (upgrade) Reactive Defense – Gain 6%/12%/18% Damage Reduction while inflicted with Control Impairing Effects
  • (passive) Rapid Gambits – Your Evade Cooldown is reduced by 0.5/1/1.5 seconds when you Daze an enemy.
  • (passive) did not pick other Agility passives to save points

Subterfuge Skills (Required Points: 11 )

  • (active – ONLY put 1 point here) Concealment Vanish from sight, gaining an advanced form of Stealth for 5 seconds tat will not be removed by taking damage. Concealment also makes you Unstoppable, grants +30% Movement Speed, and allows you to move freely through enemies for its duration. Using an attack Skill during Concealment will break Concealment
    Cooldown: 20 seconds.
    Tags: Subterfuge
    • (1st upgrade) Enhanced Concealment You gain 40 Energy when you enter Stealth.
    • (2nd upgrade – my pick of the 2) Countering Concealment The Skill that breaks Concealment will always be a guaranteed Critical Strike.
    • (passive) Exploit – You deal 6%/12%/18% (multiplicative) increased damage to Healthy and Injured enemies.
      • (upgrade) Malice – You deal 3%/6%/9% (multiplicative) increased damage to Vulnerable enemies.
    • (passive – ONLY put 1 point here) Agile – Using a Cooldown increases your Dodge Chance by 3%/6%/9% for 2 seconds.
      • (upgrade) Mending Obscurity – While Stealthed, you Heal for 1%/2%/3% Maximum Life per second.Malice – You deal 3%/6%/9% (multiplicative) increased damage to Vulnerable enemies.
    • (passive) did not pick other Subterfuge passives to save points

Imbuements Skills (Required Points: 16 )

  • (active – ONLY put 1 point here) Shadow Imbuement – Imbue your weapons with festering shadows. Enemies struck by your next 2 Imbueable Skills deal damage and infect enemies for 6 seconds. Infected enemies explode on death, dealing 40% (X) damage to all surrounding enemies. If the infection expires before the enemy dies, it will deal 40% (X) damage to only that enemy.
    Cooldown: 9 seconds | Lucky Hit Chance: 33%
    Damage: Shadow ; Tags: Imbuements
    • (1st upgrade) Enhanced Shadow Imbuement – You have +15% increased Critical Strike Chance against Injured enemies infected by Shadow Imbuement.
    • (2nd upgrade – my pick of the 2) Mixed Shadow Imbuement – Enemies damaged by Shadow Imbued Skills take 12% (multiplicative) increased Non-Physical damage from you for 8 seconds.
  • (passive) Precision Imbuement – Imbued Skills gain +5%/+10%/+15% increased Critical Strike Chance.
  • (passive – ONLY put 1 point here) Shadow Crash – Lucky Hit: Shadow damage has up to a 10% chance to Stun for 0.5/1/1.5 seconds.
    • (passive – did NOT put any points here) Consuming Shadows – Each time you kill an enemy with Shadow Damage, you generate 10/20/30 Energy.
  • (passive) did not pick other Imbuements passives to save points

Ultimate Skills (Required Points: 23 )

  • (active) Shadow Clone Your shadow mimicks your actions for 15 seconds. The shadow deals 60% of your damage.
    Cooldown: 60 seconds.
    Damage: Physical ; Tags: Ultimate
    • (1st upgrade) Prime Shadow Clone You are Unstoppable for 5 seconds after casting Shadow Clone.
    • (2nd upgrade – my pick of the 2) Supreme Shadow Clone Your Shadow Clone deals an additional 20% of your damage.
  • (passive) did not pick any Ultimate passives to save points

Key Passive / Capstone (Required Points: 33 )

  • (passive) Close Quarters Combat – Damaging a close enemy with Marksman or Cutthroat Skills each grant a +10% Attack Speed bonus for 8 seconds.

    While both Attack Speed bonuses are active, you deal increased damage equal to 40% (multiplicative) of your Damage vs Crowd Controlled bonus.

Seasonal Mechanic (Vampiric Powers):

In Season 2 (Season of Blood), the seasonal Mechanics involves slotting in up to 5 (out of 22) Vampiric Powers at once. Each power requires a certain number of pacts to be applied to your armor. There are 3 types of Pacts: Ferocity, Divinity, Eternity. Pacts can be applied to Armor as follows: Helmet & Boots up can have to 3, Pants up to 4, while Chest Armor and Gloves can have up to 5 pacts applied to them. That Makes a Total of 20 and is enough for any possible combination of 5 powers. Below you can find Information of the total pacts this build needs + the 5 powers we’ve used.

Vampiric Powers Total Pacts Required: ferocity 7, divinity 8, eternity 4

Powers Used:
Metamorphosis = ferocity 2 + divinity 2 + eternity 2
Accursed Touch = divinity 6
Prey on the Weak = ferocity 2
Ravenous = ferocity 3
Resilience = eternity 2

Class Mechanic (Specializations):

The 3 Specializations are the Rogues’ Class Mechanics:

  • Combo Points – Your Basic Skills now generate Combo Points. Core Skills consume Combo Points for additional effects.
  • Inner Sight – Attack marked enemies to fill up your Inner Sight gauge. When it’s full, gain unlimited Energy for 4 seconds.
  • Preparation – Every 100 Energy you spend reduces your Ultimate Skill’s Cooldown by 4 seconds. Using an Ultimate Skill resets the Cooldowns of your other Skills..

I prefer and advise using Combo Points for this build, especially if you already are using the Condemnation dagger (it would be pointless to use that dagger without that specialization). Also, try to use Twisting Blades with full Combo Points as much as possible, especially vs Bosses and Elites.

Unique Items

In Diablo IV we can equip more than one unique item at the same time (not so ‘unique’ if we can get decked out in full uniques I guess). It seems that the one unique per build idea that Uniques inherited from the Mythical gear they supposedly replaced was scrapped even before the closed beta tests. My top picks will be the following:

Top Pick Uniques for the Build

Condemnation (Dagger)

+[20%] Damage to Close Enemies

Your Core Skills deal x[20 – 40]% increased damage when spending 3 Combo Points. Your Basic Skills using this weapon have a [30%] chance to generate 3 Combo Points.

+[4.4 – 10]% Basic Skill Attack Speed
+[13 – 21]% Critical Strike Damage
+[10.5 – 17.5]% Damage with Dual-Wielded Weapons
+[12.5 – 19.5]% Core Skill Damage

“I’ve never seen such ruthless butchery. He deserves to be be shipped off to die in the swamps with the rest of the godless murderers.” – Witness to the murder of Sergeant Walcot

Godslayer Crown (Helm)

When you Stun, Freeze, or Immobilize an Elite enemy, or damage a Boss, it pulls in nearby enemies. You deal x[30-60]% increased damage to them for 3 seconds. This effect can only occur once every 12 seconds.

+[4.2 – 7]% Cooldown Reduction
+[X – Y] Maximum Life
+[10.5 – 17.5]% Damage
+[5 – 12]% Crowd Control Duration

“The Sahptev faithful believe in a thousand and one gods. If it takes me as many lifetimes, I will find and kill them all.” – Gaspar Stilbian, Veradani Outcast

Alternative Choice: Harlequin Crest (Helm) Right now this seems like a very good option for any build and if you’re lucky enough to get I Strongly advise trying it.

Gain [5-8%] Damage Reduction. In addition, gain +[4] Ranks to All Skills.

[N] Maximum Life
X% Cooldown Reduction
+12% Resource Generation
+[28] All Stats

“This headdress was once worn by an assassin disguised as a court mage. Her treachery was unveiled, but not before she used its magic to curse the king’s entire lineage.” – The Fall of House Aston

Tibault’s Will (Pants)

While Injured, Your Potion Also Restores 20% Resource You deal x[20-40]% increased damage while Unstoppable and for 4 seconds after. When you become Unstoppable, gain 50 of your Primary Resource.

+[2 – 3] Potion Capacity
+[7 – 14]% Damage Reduction from Close Enemies
+[10.5 – 17.5]% Damage
+[5 – 13] Maximum Resource

“The younger apprentices think wearing heavy plate in the swamps is foolish. They fail to understand that our armor is our legacy, and without it we are nothing.” – Crusader Pembroke

Grasp of Shadow (Gloves)

Lucky Hit: Damaging a Vulnerable enemy with a Marksman or Cutthroat Skill has up to a [24 – 34]% chance to summon a Shadow Clone that mimics your attack.

+[4.4 – 10]% Attack Speed
+[28 – 42] Dexterity
+[31.5 – 52.5]% Shadow Clone Damage
+[3 – 4] Ranks of All Core Skills (note: you get +5 to 6 ranks when fully upgraded)

Dark wisps creep hungrily across these gloves, like an assassin’s blade seeking a life to steal on a moonless night.

Sockets & Gems

There are various possible good/viable choices for the gem slots. I’ve shortlisted what works by slot. I’d recommend picking one of those:

Weps: Emerald.
Armor: Ruby or Sapphire/Topaz (dmg reduction can help you needed in higher tier NM dungeons).
Jewelry: Diamond unless you need specific resistance more than all.

XYZ Diamond (Requires Level XY)

• Weapon: +N% Ultimate Skill Damage
• Armor: +N% Barrier Generation
• Jewelry: N% Resistance to All Elements

+15%/+5%/+8% for Royal (the 5th grade at lvl 60)

XYZ Emerald (Requires Level XY)

• Weapon: +N% Critical Strike Damage to Vulnerable Enemies
• Armor: +N Thorns
• Jewelry: N% Poison Resistance

+12%/+250/22.1% for Royal (the 5th grade at lvl 60)

XYZ Ruby (Requires Level XY)

• Weapon: +N% Overpower Damage

• Armor: +N% Maximum Life
• Jewelry: N% Fire Resistance

+24%/+4.0%/22.1% for Royal (the 5th grade at lvl 60)

XYZ Topaz (Requires Level XY)

• Weapon: +N% Basic Skill Damage
• Armor: N% Damage Reduction While Control Impaired
• Jewelry: N% Lightning Resistance

+20%/10%/22.1% for Royal (the 5th grade at lvl 60)

XYZ Saphire (Requires Level XY)

• Weapon: +N% Critical Strike Damage to Crowd-Controlled Enemies
• Armor: N% Damage Reduction While Fortified
• Jewelry: N% Cold Resistance

+12%/3%/22.1% for Royal (the 5th grade at lvl 60)

Legendary Aspects / Powers

I will only list the Legendary Aspects that have been selected for the build and the slots in which I advise putting those. For in-depth information you can check my Latest & Older Builds spreadsheet on this link. This build (Twisted Shade) is one of the builds on that spreadsheet.

  • Helm: Aspect of The Protector / Godslayer Crown OR the Alternative Helm Pick (see notes in the Unique Items section)
  • Amulet: Aspect of Disobedience
  • Chest: Aspect of Might
  • Pants: Aspect of Lethal Dusk / Tibault’s Will
  • Gloves: Exploiter’s Aspect / Grasp of Shadow
  • Boots: Mangler’s Aspect
  • Ring 1: Accelerating Aspect
  • Ring 2: Aspect of Inner Calm
  • Main Hand Weapon: Aspect of The Expectant
    I recommend using a sword as the 1h weapon
  • Off-hand Weapon: Rapid Aspect / Condemnation
    (I recommend using another sword until the Unique Dagger Condemnation drops)
  • 2-H Weapon: Bladedancer’s Aspect
    (I recommend using a Crossbow as the 2H weapon)

Paragon Boards:

Use the link below to check the paragon boards selected and the nodes I’ve taken. On the link you’ll see what the boards will look like at lvl 100 with ALL paragon points spent and fully min-maxed to get the most out of every board BUT it’s base on my gear’s attributes bonuses (DEX, STR, INT) so you may need to reorder some of the floating nodes to make sure you get the double bonus requirements of all rare nodes. Leveling in Season 2 is fast so I no longer will provide a version with less points spent.

Suggested Gear Rolls to look out for (in order of priority):

I’ve shortlisted various different affixes that work well with the build of almost 300 total. I’ll highlight in Orange the ones I think should get higher priority. NOTE: I’ve added a new “Top Priority per Slot” list but left the old unsorted list below it.

This is the Sorted by Slot list of Top Priority Affixes/Rolls:

    • Helm:
      • Priority 1: Cooldown Reduction
      • Priority 2: Maximum Life
      • Priority 3: Basic Skill Attack Speed
      • Priority 4: Core Stats (Dex, Str, Int, All Stats), Total Armor
    • Chest:
      • Priority 1: Damage Reduction from Close/Distant Enemies,
      • Priority 2: Maximum Life, +N% X Resistance, Damage Reduction
      • Priority 3: Core Stats (Dex, Int, Str, All Stats), Total Armor
      • Priority 4: Imbued/Imbuement Skill Damage, Cutthroat Skill Damage, Damage with Dual-Wielded, +X% Damage, Physical Damage
    • Gloves:
      • Priority 1: + X ranks of Twisting Blades, Critical Strike Chance
      • Priority 2: Damage to Injured Enemies, Attack Speed
      • Priority 3: Critical Strike Damage to Injured, Critical Strike Chance Against Injured
      • Priority 4: Core Stats (Dex, Int, Str, All Stats)
    • Pants:
      • Priority 1: Damage Reduction from Close/Distant Enemies, Damage Reduction while Injured
      • Priority 2: Maximum Life, Damage Reduction
      • Priority 3: Core Stats (Dex, Int, Str, All Stats)
      • Priority 4: Total Armor
    • Boots:
      • Priority 1: Movement Speed, Damage Reduction while Injured
      • Priority 2: +N% X Resistance
      • Priority 3: Core Stats (Dex, Int, Str, All Stats)
      • Priority 4: Energy Cost Reduction
    • Amulet:
      • Priority 1: Cooldown Reduction, Movement Speed
      • Priority 2: Damage Reduction from Close/Distant Enemies,
      • Priority 3: Imbuement Skill Damage, Cutthroat Skill Damage, Damage with Dual-Wielded, +X Ranks of a Passive you like, Damage Reduction While Injured, Damage Reduction
      • Priority 4: Energy Cost Reduction
    • Rings:
      • Priority 1: Critical Strike Damage, Critical Strike Chance, Damage to Crowd Controlled
      • Priority 2: Maximum Life
      • Priority 3: Vulnerable Damage, Core Skill Damage, Damage to Injured/Close
      • Priority 4: Physical/Cutthroat Damage
    • Main Hand Weapon: See the 2H Weapon Rolls List. Ideally, you’ll get a good high roll of +ALL Stats on the 2h Wep so that you won’t need to roll it on the 1h wep. It’s best to use a sword.
    • Off-hand Weapon: same stats preferred as main-hand & 2h Wep BUT eventually you’ll use a Unique Dagger here
    • 2-H Weapon:
      • Priority 1: Critical Strike Damage, Core Skill Damage, Damage to Crowd Controlled
      • Priority 2: (All Stats or Dex), Damage to Close Enemies, Vulnerable Damage
      • Priority 3: Damage to Injured Enemies
      • Priority 4: Critical Strike Damage with Imbued Skills

This is the UNsorted by list of useful Affixes/Rolls:

Damage Against Crowd Controlled Enemies
Critical Strike Chance/Critical Damage Bonus
Critical Chance / Critical Damage with Physical/Cutthroat/Imbued/Dual-Wielded Skills
Critical Chance/Critical Damage with Core Skills
Damage with Core/Cutthroat/Imbued/Imbuement/Dual-Wielded Skills
Damage Against Close Enemies
+ X Ranks to Core Skills
+ X Ranks to Twisting Blades
Cooldown Reduction
+ Maximum Life
+ All Stats
+ Dexterity, + Strength, + Intelligence
Vulnerable Damage / Damage Against Vulnerable Enemies
Resource/Spirit Cost Reduction
Attack Speed
Damage Reduction while from Close Enemies
Damage Reduction from Distant Enemies
Damage Reduction while Injured
Movement Speed
Resistance to All Elements / to XYZ type
Total Armor
+ X% Damage
Damage vs Injured Enemies
Damage vs Healthy Enemies
Damage while Healthy
Critical Strike Chance Against Injured Enemies
Physical/Cutthroat/Imbued/Dual-Wielded Skill Damage Bonus
Energy Generation / Regeneration / On Kill
Lucky Hit Chance
Higher Priority
Lucky Hit Chance with Physical/Cutthroat/Imbued/Dual-Wielded Skill Damage
Damage Reduction from Enemies That Are Poisoned
Barrier Generation
Lucky Hit: Up to a 5% chance to Restore +X% Primary Resource
Weapon Damage (not sure if there are any bonuses to that as rolls)
Lucky Hit: Up to a 5% chance to Heal +X Life
Lucky Hit: Up to a +X% Chance to Execute Injured Non-Elites
Lower Priority

Useful Links (Spreadsheets & more):

For all of my Diablo IV Latest Season 2 & Older (Post-Launch, RDY-4-Launch) Theorycrafts/Builds: This Spreadsheet

For my Diablo IV Class Skill Trees (can be used as mini-calculator): This Spreadsheet

For all of my Diablo IV Pre-Launch Theorycrafts/Builds: This Spreadsheet

♦ ◊ ♦ ◊ ♦

This concludes the Twisted Shade Rogue Build for Diablo IV. If you’re interested in the game below are links to the various platforms where one can buy it (you can just click the links to open a new tab):

PC (Battle.Net, Steam)



Official Website

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