Dusk Mage Class Skills Showcase (Torchlight 3)

Dusk Mage Class Skills Showcase

(2021 Edition after the Class Rework)

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The Dusk Mage class has received some changes throughout 2020 and the 1 major change was Harmonic Form. Instead of having two separate buffs (Dark & Light) with separate duration, the Dusk Mage now doesn’t get the bonus of those two buff until both are fully charged and it activates Harmonic Form. This change makes it so that we always get the most out of both buffs and they always have equal duration. Echtra Games also buffed all Dusk Mage skills except Spirit Well and Dark Spears and then re-balanced the Celestial Gauntlets to give half of the dmg bonus they used to. This makes dusk mages easier to lvlup without relying on an early drop of the Celestial Gauntlets + 2 more set items. The start of 2021 is a good time to make this new version of my older & very outdated Dusk Mage Skills Showcase (which was made when Early Access started). This is the 2021 Edition and I hope it helps people in figuring out if the Dusk Mage Class is their cup of tea and also gives them ideas regarding certain “build-around-me” items that they could use as synergies for specific skills.

Showcase Video footage:

Light Skills:

NOTE: To unlock the Tier 1, 2 ,3 bonuses the specific skill needs to be at lvls 3, 6, and 10. The cooldown and Damage % numbers listed are for lvl 1 of each skill.

  • Unholy Bolt (Cooldown: 0 Sec ; Costs: 1.5 Mana) – Dark Skill: unleashes 3 serpentine bolts toward your foes for 170% Weapon Damage each. Tiers:

    1. Adds 1 more Bolt to each cast
    2. +20% Dark Skill damage
    3. Adds 2 more Bolts to each cast
  • Entropy (Cooldown: 0 Sec ; Costs: 5 Mana) – Dark Skill: fire an unstable dark energy ball that hits for 144% Weapon Damage and fires off pieces of itself that hit for the same. Tiers:

    1. Entropy lasts 50% longer and moves 50% slower
    2. 10% Critical Hit Chance for Dark Skills
    3. Entropy triggers Dark Explosions for half of the skill’s current Weapon Damage
  • Energy Spike (Cooldown: 3.6 Sec ; Costs: 3 Mana) – Dark Skill: conjure a series of cascading, chaotic spikes that strike enemies for 684% Weapon Damage. Tiers:

    1. While in Harmonic Form, you fire double the number of Energy Spikes
    2. +50% Harmonic Form Duration
    3. While in Harmonic Form, you fire an extra wave of light Energy Spikes
  • Dark Spears (Cooldown: 4 Sec ; Costs: 3 Mana) – Dark Skill: summon shadowy spears to strike your foes for 96% Weapon Damage every second and Slows enemies by 50%. Duration: 6 sec. Tiers:

    1. +50% duration for Dark Spears
    2. 10% cooldown reduction
    3. Dark Spears now immediately hits the area for skills current Weapon Damage
  • Spirit Well (Cooldown: 14.4 Sec ; Costs: 6 Mana) – Dark Skill: summon a portal into the netherrealm, taking control of evil monsters who do 20% of your Weapon Damage to any monsters in your way. Summon Duration: 15 sec. Tiers:

    1. Adds a spectral Netherim Warrior to the Spirit Well
    2. +65% damage for your Pet
    3. Adds a spectral Netherim Brute to the Spirit Well
  • Damnation (Cooldown: 9 Sec ; Costs: 3 Mana) – Dark Skill: enemies deal -50% less damage while standing in the Damnation area effect, lasting for 4 secs. thereafter. Duration: 8 secs. Tiers:

    1. Hitting an enemy affected by Damnation returns 5% Mana (1 sec. Cooldown)
    2. +10% Relic Energy Charge Rate
    3. Damnation costs no Mana and Immobilizes enemies for 1 sec.
  • Shadow Step (Cooldown: 0.4 Sec ; Charges Cooldown 10 Sec) – Movement Skill Teleport away from your foes. Tiers:

    1. Hit enemies at starting location and gain 5% Mana per enemy hit
    2. 15% increased Mana Regeneration
    3. Shadowstep now has an additional charge

Dark Skills:

  • Holy Bolt (Cooldown: 0 Sec ; Costs: 2 Mana) – Light Skill: directs a holy bolt at foes for 250% weapon damage. Tiers:
    1. Every 3rd cast fires a larger Bolt that deals 50% more damage.
    2. +20% Light Skill damage
    3. While in Harmonic Form, fire 2 Holy Bolts
  • Absolver (Cooldown: 0.4 Sec ; Costs: 3 Mana) – Light Skill: direct three piercing bolts of light that each deal 312% Weapon Damage. Additionally, while in Harmonic Form you charge enemies for 2 sec. making them explode every second for an additional 312% weapon damage per burst. Tiers:
    1. Absolver’s missiles travel 25% farther and cost 25% less Mana to Cast
    2. +10% damage to Blinded, Slowed, or Stunned enemies
    3. Absolver now fires 5 missiles
  • Holy Fury (Cooldown: 0 Sec; Costs: 5 Mana) – Light Skill: bring the light to bear in a focused energy beam that deals 396% Weapon Damage over time and Slows enemies. Slow Percent: 50% Tiers:

    1. -30% Holy Fury Mana Cost
    2. +10% Critical Hit Chance for Light Skills
    3. Holy Fury is doubled in width
  • Radiant Blast (Cooldown: 0 Sec; Costs: 3 Mana) – Light Skill: blast enemies at a target location with holy light, dealing 252% Weapon Damage. Tiers:
    1. Blast Infuses enemies. Infused enemies take 20% Weapon Damage per second for 4 seconds
    2. +30% damage for Basic Attacks
    3. Infused enemies explode on death for 400% Weapon Damage, Infusing enemies hit by the explosion
  • Light Spear (Cooldown: 0 Sec; Charges Cooldown 10 Sec) – Light Skill: fire a spear made of light that deals 1,044% Weapon Damage and pierces targets. Tiers:
    1. While in Harmonic Form, heal 20% total Health per enemy hit with Light Spear
    2. +50% Harmonic Form Duration
    3. While in Harmonic Form, also throw a Dark Spear
  • Consecration (Cooldown: 16 Sec; Costs: 5 Mana) – Light Skill: everyone in your blessed circle gains 35% bonus damage, with the Dusk Mage gaining an additional 15% per ally in the circle. Duration: 8 sec. Tiers:

    1. Consecration is 25% larger and knocks back enemies
    2. 25% chance to become Intangible on Potion use
    3. Consecration heals 3% total Health per second
  • Luminous Run (Cooldown: 0.5 Sec; Charges Cooldown 10 Sec) – Movement Skill Light Skill: dash forward and enter the spectral plane where you move faster and can pass through enemies. Duration: 2 sec. Tiers:

    1. Activating Luminous Run heals you for 25% of your total Health
    2. +10% Damage multiplier to Relic Skills
    3. Casting Luminous Run makes you immune to damage for 1 sec.

Possible Items to use as synergies:


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