Railmaster Class Skills Showcase (Torchlight 3)

Railmaster Class Skills Showcase

(2021 Edition after  re-balances & the Endurance Rework)

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The Railmaster class has received some changes throughout 2020 and the 1 major change was a rework of the Endurance System. Instead of using endurance as cost for certain skills we now have Endurance effects on each skill’s Active effect that requires full endurance & consumes all endurance. On top of that each skill can still be used when our endurance isn’t full and has a standard (non-boosted) active effect. This change makes the class more fluid to play and required rework on certain endurance related items such as Doompipe, Blast Breaker, Shotgonner’s Shield, etc. I think the class still need some more re-balancing and a couple of Railmaster skills could use a complete rework (Torque Swing & Build Train) as well as some mechanic in the game could use a change (such as the knockback & pull). The start of 2021 is a good time to make this new version of my older & very outdated Railmaster Skills Showcase (which was made when Early Access started). This is the 2021 Edition and I hope it helps people in figuring out if the Railmaster Class is their cup of tea and also gives them ideas regarding certain “build-around-me” items that they could use as synergies for specific skills.

Showcase Video footage:

Conductor Skills:

NOTE: To unlock the Tier 1, 2 ,3 bonuses the specific skill needs to be at lvls 3, 6, and 10. The cooldown and Damage % numbers listed are for lvl 1 of each skill.

  • Build Train (Cooldown: 1 Sec) – Activate to build a train. Doing this places the Railmaster into Lay Rail mode, allowing you to continually place track behind you as you move. Toggling the skill again ends the track. Your lead car passively shoots at enemies for 30% Weapon Damage. Tiers:

    1. +25% Main Turret passive Attack Speed
    2. +20% damage to Conductor skills
    3. Main Turret shots pierce enemies for 10 sec. after using an active Train skill
  • Flamethrower Car (Cooldown: 10 Sec) – Mutually Exclusive with Mortar Car. Active: Make the flamethrower blast a wide cone of flame that deals 348% Weapon Damage. Passive: Adds a flamethrower car to the rear of the train that periodically shoots a gout of flame leaving enemies Burning for 36% Weapon Damage for 2 sec. Endurance Bonus: Car uses its active instead of its normal attack for the next 5 attacks. Tiers:

    1. +25% Flamethrower passive Attack Speed
    2. +10% Relic Energy Charge Rate
    3. Activating Flamethrower Car fires 8 fireballs that deal skill’s current Weapon Damage
  • Mortar Car (Cooldown: 10 Sec) – Mutually Exclusive with Flamethrower Car. Active: Make the mortar turret fire an incendiary round that deals 96% damage over time for 6 sec. Passive: Adds a mortar turret to the rear car that shoots periodically for 180% Weapon Damage. Endurance Bonus: Car attacks incredibly fast for 3 sec. Tiers:

    1. +25% Mortar Car passive Attack Speed
    2. -10% cooldowns for Railmaster skills
    3. +50% to Mortar active damage area
  • Shotgonne Car (Cooldown: 8 Sec) – Mutually Exclusive with Shield Car. Active: Shoot a single, large slug that pierces enemies for 336% Weapon Damage. Passive: Periodically fire a large blast of fire that hits an area for 84% Weapon Damage. Endurance Bonus: Shotgonne Car quickly fires 5 Slug Shots instead of its normal attack. Tiers:

    1. +25% Shotgonne Car passive Attack Speed
    2. +65% damage for your Pet (this only affects your actual pet & not any minions/summons/the train)
    3. Shotgonne Car active skill now fires 3 piercing rounds in a tight spread
  • Shield Car (Cooldown: 30 Sec) – Mutually Exclusive with Shotgonne Car. Active: A shield appears around the cart for 8 sec. Standing in the shield grants 50% damage reduction. Passive: Grants 10% damage reduction when near your train. Tiers:

    1. Shield Car’s Active remains in effect even if you leave its area
    2. +10% Critical Hit chance for Conductor Skills
    3. Shield Car heals for 5% per sec. while in active area
  • Shocking Rounds (Cooldown: 20 Sec) – Your lead car now passively fires Electrified Rounds that arc to one nearby enemy dealing 24% additional damage. Activating this skill makes your chain lightning strike an additional target. Endurance Bonus: While Shocking Rounds is active, your Endurance generates 50% faster. Tiers:

    1. Shocking Rounds Chain Lightning bounces 1 more time
    2. +30% Basic Attack damage
    3. Shocking Rounds causes lightning to strike the target for 100% weapon damage
  • Ghost Train (Cooldown: 0 Sec; Charges Cooldown 10 Sec) – Call forth the spirit of an ancient train. It moves forward doing 192% Weapon Damage and knocks back your foes. Endurance Bonus: Spawn two additional ancient train spirits. Tiers:

    1. +1 Ghost Train Charges
    2. 10% increased Attack Speed for Train Cars
    3. Ghost Train is now 50% larger

Slammer Skills:

  • Pound (Cooldown: 0 Sec; Charges Cooldown ~5 Sec) – Slam your weapon to deal 230% Weapon Damage in a small area of effect with a 10% chance to Stun your foes. If the enemy is already Stunned, deals double damage. Stun Duration: 2 sec. Endurance Bonus: Gain 30% Attack Speed and Damage with Basic Attacks for 6 sec. Tiers:
    1. +20% Stun chance for Pound
    2. +20% Slammer skill damage
    3. Pound deals 100% Weapon Damage in a larger area, hitting enemies at center twice
  • Spike Drive (Cooldown: 0.4 Sec) – Sunder the earth with your weapon, sending out cracks that deal 300% Weapon Damage and leave enemies Slowed by 50% for 6 sec. Gains a charge only after spending Endurance with any skill. Tiers:
    1. Spike Drive now fires a large missile straight ahead for double skill’s current Weapon Damage
    2. 20% chance to return an Endurance on melee attack
    3. Adds 4 missiles to Spike Drive
  • Torque Swing (Cooldown: 10 Sec) -Swing your hammer with massive force to deal 288% Weapon Damage in a large area of effect, knocking away nearby enemies. Endurance Bonus: Send forth a whirling hammer, crashing through enemies in front of you, dealing 288% Weapon Damage. Tiers:

    1. Torque Swing now pulls enemies in on activation
    2. +10% Critical Hit chance for Slammer skills
    3. Endurance Bonus is upgraded to a Boomerang Hammer, returning to you to deal damage a second time
  • Flying Picks (Cooldown: 0 Sec; Charges Cooldown ~5 Sec) – Throw out two pick axes dealing 48% Weapon Damage that leaves enemies Bleeding for an additional 60% Weapon Damage for 6 sec. Endurance Bonus: Summon an Ancestral Spirit who throws Flying Picks at enemies for 12s (Maximum 4 Ancestral Spirits) Tiers:
    1. Flying Picks now pierces
    2. +25% Endurance recharge rate
    3. Flying Picks’ Endurance Bonus spawns a second Ancestral Spirit
  • Blasting Charge (Cooldown: 0 Sec; Charges Cooldown ~5 Sec) – Throw out a blasting charge that deals 72% Weapon Damage and applies Vulnerability, causing enemies hit to take 25% additional damage for 6 sec. Endurance Bonus: Throw two additional blasting charges, covering a larger area. Tiers:
    1. +20% to vulnerability for Blasting Charge
    2. +20% damage reduction when you melee attack
    3. Blasting Charge now unleashes a second blast in front of the first
  • Lantern Flash (Cooldown: 10 Sec) – Use the power embedded in your ancient lantern to Burn enemies for 84% Weapon Damage. Burn Duration: 6 sec. Endurance Bonus: When the burn duration ends or the enemy dies, they explode for 168% Weapon Damage. Tiers:

    1. Lantern Flash now Blinds for 1 sec.
    2. +10% damage vs Stunned, Blinded, or Slowed targets
    3. Lantern Flash now blasts enemies behind you
  • Hammer Spin (Cooldown: 0.5 Sec; Charges Cooldown 10 Sec) – Movement Skill Spin around with your hammer, dealing 276% Weapon Damage, passing through and knocking back your foes offering you a chance to escape. Endurance Bonus: Gain all charges of Pound, Blasting Charge, and Flying Picks. Tiers:

    1. +25% Movement Speed boost after cast for 6 sec.
    2. +10% Damage multiplier to Relic Skills
    3. 50% damage reduction shield on cast for 6 sec.

Possible Items to use as synergies:

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