UNDECEMBER 언디셈버 – The Alchemy System: Crafting Potions & Runes

The Alchemy System: Craft Potions & Make Runes using components & unwanted runes

(putting those junk materials and dusty old runes we no longer need to good use)

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Hello Struck Club, the UNDECEMBER 언디셈버 devs have shared with us info about the Alchemy System, which lets players use components to craft Potions as well as use unwanted runes to make different Runes. Detailed info about it including screenshots and descriptions has been provided. I’ve put it all into this blog post as well as made a video about it.

Be advised that THIS IS MACHINE-TRANSLATED and there will be cases where things sound weird or make little-to-no-sense. I’ll do my best to sift through the data and re-word the translations to make more sense in the next few days.

When your character reaches  level 15, you can performs Alchemy at the village & towns’ alchemy crafting table. There are 2 types of Alchemy:

  • Crafting Potions – the name says it all: you’ll be able to craft potions using certain materials
  • Making Runes – I mention ‘making’ instead of crafting because you use 3 other runes to make one

Video Version:

Potion Alchemy

– ①  You can select a the potion you want to craft with alchemy from the recipe list .

–  You’ll see the type of potion ② that will be crafted. You’ll also see a list of items ③ that are used as ingredients on the right. You can also craft in bulk by changing the number of Units to produce ④.

– When you click ⑤ Produce in the lower right corner, the crafting will begin automatically. The time it takes to finish crafting depends on the recipe and the number of units produced. 

– Other activities such as quest progress and party play are possible while the crafting/production is in progress. A notification is displayed when production is complete, and ⑥ the finished products can be collected at the alchemy crafting table. 

– At first players will only have one alchemy slot open. Keep in mind that in the unboxing beta test (UBT) only 1 alchemy slots was available.

– Upon launch most likely we’ll get X total sots that can be unlocked by questing/leveling. When additional slots are open, you can craft multiple items at the same time.

I also won’t be surprised if the devs are greedy and let people pay money to have more slots, speed the crafting or insta-craft cuz greed runs those games I guess.

Rune Alchemy

– You can use unwanted runes as alchemy materials to create random Skill Runes and Link Runes.

– ①  You can select the grade and type of Rune to be produced from the recipe list on the left.

– Each recipe uses 3 Runes ② of the same grade as ingredients. The result will be one random Rune of the same grade as the ingredients. 

– ③ Note that using Runes of the same color as the ingredient/material will result in producing a random rune of the same color (& grade) as the 3 ingredient runes. Example: using 3 normal red runes will result in creating 1 random normal red rune. Or using 3 magic agility runes will result in 1 random magic agility rune.

– Rune alchemy, like potion alchemy, notifies the player when the production is completed, and you can receive the finished product at the alchemy crafting table. 

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This concludes my Alchemy SHOWCASE for UNDECEMBER. If you’re interested in the game below are links to the various platforms where one can buy it (you can just click the links to open a new tab):




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