Ascended Tower of Trials Guide (Godfall)

Ascended Tower of Trials Guide for Godfall

(Doors, Boons, Keys, Loot, Tips & Hints)

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This is a short guide for Godfall (including a video version below) that is aimed towards new players. It provides information about the Ascended Tower of Trials such as what each of the door symbols means & what to expect in that room, as well as a few Tip & Hints regarding who to kill first and how to manage your keys.

Guide Video footage:

Ascended Tower of Trials – a short description:

The Ascended Tower of Trials is an endless endgame activity in Godfall. You fight in two locations – an elevator & in rooms (on the floors). This endgame mode has no end (it used to end after lvl 10 on easy and normal but today I went past floor 10 on easy so maybe it got changed). On hard you may be sure that it has no end as people have already posted images of themselves reaching floor 200+ on Reddit (obviously via cheating their way).

The way it works: each Stage/Floor starts with an elevator fight where the faster you do kill all enemies the more keys you get. Next, you are given a choice of 2, 3, or 4 doors (for more info on those read the next paragraph/section) that each take you to a specific room with enemies to fight and either loot chests you can open or a boon spring (buff station) that you interact with after the fight. Then you go back to the elevator and rinse/repeat.

The chests in the rooms will cost keys to open as follows: Orange – 10 keys, Purple – 7 keys, Blue – 5 keys, Green – free to open. The boons are free unless in a Safe Haven then they also will have cost like the chests do (which is think follows the same ‘pricing’ rules).

Doors – Deciphering the symbols:

There are a few types of doors each with their own distinguishing symbols. I categorize those as follows:

  • Boon Rooms – a room that contains a boon spring. This is a ‘device’ that you interact with & select 1 boon/buff from a choice of 3 randomly generated ones. There are 3 sub-types of boon rooms – offensive, defensive, and utility ones. Each of those 3 boon room types has its own dedicated door & symbol. You’ll have to defeat enemies before the boon spring appears.

    Offensive Boon Spring ‘device’
  • Loot/Item Rooms – a room that contains loot chests which could drop items that you equip such as weapons, banners, lifestones, trinkets. Each item type has its own dedicated room & door symbol. You’ll have to defeat enemies before the chests appear.

    Loot Chests
  • Augment Rooms – a room that contains a loot chests which could drop augments. There are 3 sub-types of augment rooms – might, vitality, and spirit ones. Each of those 3 augment room types has its own dedicated door & symbol. You’ll have to defeat enemies before the chests appear.
  • Safe Haven Rooms – a room without a fighting phase that contains a random collection of loot chests, with a chance to also spawn a boon spring. There will be at least 1 chest matching the door symbol’s rarity – orange, purple, blue, green. Both the boon spring and the chests will require keys to use.
  • Key Rooms – a room where you fight enemies and then get some extra keys based on the door symbol rarity. You can get 5, 4, 3, or 2 for orange, purple, blue, green (respectively) door symbols.

    Keys Room

Here’s a visual guide to all types of rooms (except the keys room):

Offensive Boon
Defensive Boon
Utility Boon
Choice – Offensive Boon (Example)
Choice – Utility Boon (Example)
Dual Blades
Lifestone/healing pickups (the green orbs) + Archon Fury pickup orbs (yellow)
Might Augments
Vitality Augments
Spirit Boon
Safe Haven
Bladed Weps? Longwords, Greatswords, Dual Blades?

The images above that have question marks (?) in their caption represent that I’m not 100% certain because the game has either given me multiple types of rewards from those rooms or has given me different types of chests. I’ve gotten Lifestones from both the “potion” door/room and the “cross” room/door. The door that looks like a dagger has given me all sorts of bladed weapons so far.

Keep in mind that there are some bugs that make it so you go into one room but then the chests don’t really match the door you opened. There’s also something that could be a bug or intended behavior but I can not get the boon rooms to spawn a boon if I’ve recently visited another boon room.

For example: Floor 1 is always a choice between one of the 3 boon room types (don’t forget to interact with the boon spring after the fight like I forgot a few times). After I pick a boon from floor 1 and I get a boon room as a choice in round 2 or 3, when I enter the boon room and kill the enemies there won’t be a boon spring but rather loot chests with the boon room symbol on top of it and it somehow defaults to dropping augments of the corresponding type – offensive is might, defensive is vitality, and utility is spirit.

Tips & Hints

Take out Priority Targets

Take out priority targets first. Ranged enemies can be very annoying if not eliminated first. Those can be healers, archers, gunners, mages that shoot projectiles or annoying AoEs, and even some minibosses with ranged attacks. Sometimes you get 2 minibosses at once & 1 of them would be that pesky OP ranged dude with the shurikens (Tidehunter or w/e). The melee guys can follow you then you can either aoe them alongside the ranged enemies or divide and conquer and kill the enemies 1 at a time.

Save Archon Fury & Banners

Save your Archon Fury for when it’s really needed. Maybe save the banner too. I normally use the banner in the elevator to help with clear speed for more keys and then use the Archon Fury in the loot room (especially good using it then if there’s minibosses).

Build up keys during the first floors

For the first 10-15 floors you might want to make a good foundation of keys so that when you get to a room with a guaranteed Epic or Legendary loot, you would have enough keys to open more than just 1 chest. Normally, there’s at least 1 chest that matches the door rarity (orange, purple, blue, green) and the others are of a lower rarity.

Each of the lower rarity chest contains 1 guaranteed item matching the chest rarity and matching the chest type. In general, if it drops an item of higher rarity than the chest (for example legendary from a blue chest) it won’t be always the same item type of the chest (for example a legendary sword can drop from a blue rings chest) – this may be either a bug or intended.

Build up Boons as well – offensive ones seem to be best

Focus on getting some offensive boons (over other boons) for the first 10-15 floors (or even after that). It would really help you in the long run to have a good foundation of dps boost stats to make the fights easier. Not sure how good stacking survivability would be unless your build has a ton of it already and you wanna take it up a notch.

You might even try and take upgraded weapons of different elements with you if you’re not using an Element specific valorplate and build. So crit builds, Wep Tech Builds, Breach Builds, etc. that don’t focus on stacking X% fire, earth, void, air, etc. elemental damage and can work with any element would benefit greatly from taking various weapons that you can swap out based on what boon you get.


    1. Well it’s weird because I’ve gotten 10 out of 10 time polearms from the one i listed as polearm and only 3 out of 10 times from the other one. They either changed things with a patch or it’s buggy. My findings for the one with ? are that it once dropped swords + greatswords, another time just longswords, another time just polearms then polearms + swords. Most likely it’s supper buggy and that’s why it’s like that.

    1. On hard the game’s supposed to give you better loot but the difference is barely noticeable, however the difficulty changes are noticeable especially when doing the big bosses in dreamstones (those don’t spawn in the tower). For now doing easy mode in the tower is more efficient.

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