Necromancer Class Showcase (Magic: Legends)


(Showcase of the Necromancer Class in Magic: Legends)

The Necromancer uses deathly rituals to devastate enemies and raise undead hordes for their own purposes. Utilize your unique connection with death to tear the life from the living, and sap your enemies’ strength with terrible curses. This class has synergies with the BLACK MANA type but just like any other class can use decks with spells of all mana types. Planeswalkers who choose to play as the Necromancer class will start with the Black Deck starter, which includes 12 black spells. The class has two permanent passive bonuses:

  • +500 Sorcery Damage Potency
  • +250 Sorcery Healing Potency

Active Abilities

Each class has 3+1 Active Abilities that help define that character alongside a set of passive abilities & a passive trait. The active abilities are a spammable Primary attack combo, a Secondary attack that has a cooldown, a Utility/escape skill, and a “ultimate” Spark Power. Out of those 4 the ultimate is unlocked at level 6, while the other 3 can be used as soon as you start the game.

  • Primary: Grim SiphonLash foes in front of you with your necromantic pendulum, dealing damage plus additional damage over 3 seconds. The damage over time effect also heals for 10% of the damage dealt.
  • Secondary: Grave UpheavelDeal damage to foes in an area around target foe, then create two 1/1 Skeleton creature tokens at that location. Each Skeleton still on the battlefield from a previous use of this ability is replaced by a new one.
  • Utility: Soul WitherDeal damage over 5 seconds to foes around you and heal for 10% of the damage dealt. Foes are inflicted with Lesser Slow and can be passed through while under this effect.
  • Spark Power: Death Campaign (Spark Meter Cost: 60/sec) – Create a 1/1 Skeleton, 1/1 Skeleton Archer, 2/2 Zombie, and 4/4 Zombie Hulk creature token.
    Whenever a foe dies while under the effect of Necrotic Curse, randomly create a 1/1 Skeleton, 1/1 Skeleton Archer, or 2/2 Zombie creature token at its location. If it was Champion Rank or above, create a 4/4 Zombie Hulk creature token instead.
    When this effect expires, each creature that was created in this way dies and deals 200% of its damage to foes around it.
    You may not cast spells or use class abilities while this power is active, but you gain access to new power(s) during this effect.

    • Primary: Necrotic Curse channel a stacking effect in a cone in front of you. This effect deals damage over 3 seconds and heals for 25% of the damage dealt.
all Necromancer lvlup bonuses & their descriptions

Mana Surge

Every class gets a Mana Surge active ability at level 3 that uses the spark power charge before the “ultimate” Spark Power gets unlocked at lvl 6. After the Spark Power unlock, players can still use Mana Surge when the Spark Power is not fully charged. Mana Surge gives the following buff: Gain 3 mana over 6 seconds, then draw a spell card.

Levelup & Passives

Each hero gets various passive upgrades to their active abilities as well as general passives that are not linked to a specific ability as they level up. Those passives get unlocked at the following lvls: 4, 7, 10, 15, 22 (refer to the image above for those)


Reaching level 30 on each class unlocks a passive trait specific to that class which can be slotted into one of the 3 Trait Slots alongside 2 more traits from other classes. The Necromancer‘s Trait is:

♦Necrotic BurstWhenever a creature you control dies, it deals 200% of its damage to foes around it over 5 seconds.

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