Mechromancer Forged Bane Build (Torchlight 3 Early Access)


This build is a complete lvl 60 setup and is UP-TO-DATE with the new relic subclass rework. The subclass used is Bane. I consider the build as not underpowered but also NOT META. It can dish out nice damage and even more when our energy is full. An extra source of damage for this build are minions/summons and we’re stacking quite a few of them from Bane, the Mountain King’s Pauldrons and optionally a Boneblocker + Bonerazor combo.  Add to this the combination of 25% Damage + 100% Minion Damage Buff from Miasma (which can also spawn up to 6 spiderlings) + the dps and Spider Queen from Arachnid Assault (which also has a lot of extra dmg projectiles at lvl 10) + our spammy spin2win dps – Cyclone Mode + our Vent and decent DMG skill being Vortex Bomb + Poison Dart to apply poison. All minions/summons also get buffed by Miasma‘s buff as well as from the Puppet Master Passive. And if this was not enough, we have 3 different buffs that each can give us +50% defense: Poison Nova which also has a bit of DPS, Poison Nova which also heals & when upgraded grant us block chance stacks, and Miasma also gives us +%50% defense while it’s active on top of the DPS buffs. Ramming Robot is our escape mechanic and mobility skill that can also hit enemies and proc things such as Fighter’s Spirit (+50% dmg reduction after using a melee skill that gets boosted to +70% from Vortex bomb Tier 2). Skittering Shoulders (even without a set bonus) is a great source of survivability so it could be equipped instead of the Mountain King’s Pauldrons shoulders if you would rater get more dmg reduction and you’re not wearing Arc-Powered Pauldrons Either.

Keep in mind that every relic had an amazing passive that gave it +5% of the corresponding elemental damage per level (total of 25%). This passive was AMAZING but the +25% dmg has now been removed. The silver lining here is that every build looses DPS, but we no longer need to use flat dmg affixes matching the relic element so it’s a bit easier to gear up builds now.

Build Video footage:

The skills I use:

  • Vent: Vortex Bomb – our vent skill + a good source of AoE damage + pulls/vacuums the enemies close to us +  20% melee combat dmg reduction for the Tier 2 bonus + the Tier 3 makes it spawn bombs for more AoE dmg.
  • Cyclone Mode – vents 50 heat and also does decent dmg.
  • Poison Dart – I only use this to apply poison but if you want to use it for damage, you could try and wear a good cannon. When you have Blight Maw in the Legendarium or Equipped, this will shoot 3 projectiles instead of just 1.
  • Ramming Robot  – our escape mechanic and a movement skill. It also knocks back enemies we make contact with while using it. We also get 1 more charge on Tier 1.
  • Sonic Pulse – makes our enemies take 40% more dmg for 6 sec. I also can stun for 1 sec with the Tier 1 Bonus.
  • Power Projection – gives us and nearby allies 50% increased defenses + the tier 1 bonus heals for 15% max hp when used.
  • Poison Nova – an extra bit of dps BUT we use it for the Defence buff
  • Miasma – decent dmg + an amazing party buff for DMG & Defence + summons 6 spiderlings (1 every second, up to 6) + at Tier 3 we get a 100% minion dmg boost
  • Arachnid Assault – Nice dmg + summons a Spider Queen at Tier 1 that also does decent dps + at Tier 3 the big Spider Projectiles explode & split into multiple smaller spider projectiles

The gear I recommend using is:


  • ideally, wear a good rolled version of the following cannon:
      • Unstable War Arm – Cast Vortex Bomb: if above 75 Heat, trigger a secondary heat wave, dealing 400% Weapon Dmg. You don’t care about its level and about dmg, crti chance, crit dmg & other offensive stats. Just need utility from it such as: -% relic energy cost or +%relic energy charge rate
  • A good rolled + socketed 1 handed Blue weapon + a good rolled & socketed blue Shield (or Boneblocker) or Focus. You could wear a Bonerazor if no better DPS Blue 1-handed weapon is available.
  • OR a 2-handed setup with a well rolled socketed blue 2-handed weapon.
  • Must wear at least 3 Mountain King’s pieces! I suggest wearing:
    Mountain King’s Helm + Gauntlets + Pauldrons. + optionally wear the Cuirass [if not slotting it in the Legendarium]:

    • Mountain King’s Gauntlets Vent 75 or more Heat: gain Overheated, increasing Critical Chance by 10% for 10 seconds (becomes a +20% crit chance buff with the 3 set pieces bonus)
    • Mountain King’s Helm gives +1 Brawl  Skills (+2 with the 3 piece set bonus) [I’ve tested it and it won’t give you extra levels if the skill is already lvl 10 so go for lvl 9 if you have +1 or 8 if you have +2 to those skills]
    • Mountain King’s Pauldrons– when you cast Arachnid Assault: summons 3 Explodobots (summons 3 more when using 3 set pieces)
    • If not slotting it: Mountain King’s Cuirass (Chest) gives +1 Barrage Skills (+2 with the 3 piece set bonus) [I’ve tested it and it won’t give you extra levels if the skill is already lvl 10 so go for lvl 9 if you have +1 or 8 if you have +2 to those skills]

If you ‘slot in’ the Mountain King’s Cuirass, you can get a good stat boost from a well-rolled + socketed Blue Chest.

You’ll be looking for flat dmg, optionally % elemental dmg and/or Crit dmg/chance, +%Evasion +%Block Chance, +% Brawl Skills dmg, +% Vortex Bomb DMG, -% Vortex Bomb Cooldown + others.

  • Blue Locomotion & Chest rolled for flat dmg + % elemental dmg or Crit dmg with a socket
  • Arc-Powered Hatch rolled Crit dmg with a socket.
  • Alternatively: Blue Hatch rolled for % dmg (if stacking the same element across your gear) and/or Crit dmg with a socket.

Blue Gear only gets 1 socket now.

Suggested Legendarium Powers (to fill in the gaps from items you’re wearing):


  • Mountain King’s Cuirass (Chest)
  • Arc-Powered Shoulders – cast: Arachnid Assault become Charged Up for 15 sec., gaining +10% movement speed & dealing 100% weapon Damage to nearby enemies on hit (chain lightning style zaps)
  • Blight Maw – makes Poison Dart shoot 3 projectiles instead of 1

Based on availability & your preference there are alternatives:

  • Option 1: Skittering Shoulders if you want that dmg reduction field
  • Option 2: Raging Beater (I don’t like venting my Heat with Ramming Robot personally)
  • Option 3: Bonerazor if you want extra summons (will need to equip Boneblocker)
    Or anything else you like

The recommended stats to look for in your items are (the list is not in order of priority and is just listing good bonuses + there’s new stats and I might have missed some which will get added later):

  • + Flat Damage (any)
  • +% elemental dmg (any) – starts getting very good later on when you have a nice flat to boost with this if you match the flat with the %
  • +% Damage to Brawl skills
  • +% Damage to Vortex Bomb and/or Cyclone Mode (not sure if the Cyclone Mode dmg affix exists)
  • -% to Vortex Bomb cooldown
  • +% Damage to Miasma, Arachnid Assault (I’d focus on only one of those if going for relic dmg stacking)
  • + Health
  • + Defense (the non elemental is good for any act but lesser numbers than elemental)
  • +% Critical Hit Chance (the cap is 40% but some skills will be able to get it past the cap) Keep in mind we get 20% crit chance after Venting 75+ Heat from the Mountain King’s Gauntlets
  • +% Critical Damage (the cap is 300%)
  • +% Gear Luck (eventually try to get like 50-75% total for good drop quantity – the cap is 100%)
  • +% Energy Recharge Rate
  • -% Relic Energy cost
  • +% Block Chance (capped at 40%)
  • +% Chance to Evade damage (capped at 40%)
  • AVOID +% Heat Dissipation unless you want to build heat slower = slower 75+ heat vents
  • +% Chance to Chill – a decent CC proc
  • +% Chance to Poison is a decent DoT and stacks with other DoTs nd good for this build but we can apply poison with Poison Dart
  • +% Chance to Bleed and/or Burn to stack the poison with the other DoTs. Burn is can be good for this build IF you invest into tier 2 Furnace Blast
  • +% Chance to Shock – a decent proc and also could be nice for this build
  • +% Additional Bolts Fired on Shock – a decent proc and also could be nice for this build
  • +% Chance to Stun/Slow/Blindgood but not a very important choice tho as we can slow with Dark Spears.

The Skills and Passives I recommend are:

IMPORTANT: Keep in mind that my setup is WITH the +2 Barrage & +2 Brawl skill levels from the Mountain King’s Set Helm + Cuirass (Chest)! On top of that I did NOT have extra +1 Skill Point from my Helmet to a skill that I’ve invested into.

REGULAR VERSION (Complete version of the one used in the video):

as seen above the last 2 skill points are spare so spend wherever you like. Example: into Eight-Legged Allies or Sonic Pulse or Poison Nova (I don’t like the Knockback it will give for this build)


lvl 8 Sonic Pulse + lvl 0 Puppet Master


lvl 4 Power Projection + lvl 4 Ramming Robot + lvl 1 Puppet Master


lvl 4 Sonic Pulse + lvl 4 Ramming Robot + lvl 1 Puppet Master


lvl 5 Eight-Legged Allies + lvl 2 Puppet Master


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