Itemization & the Tailor in Magic: Legends

Itemization & the Tailor in Magic: Legends

(A Short Sneak-peek Preview)

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In every Looter game (be it an aRPG hack and slash, a shooter-looter, or another loot filled game) there are two things that are in the top 3 of driving forces that keep people playing the game or (not playing it if those are done badly). One of those is the Itemization System. The Magic: Legends devs decided to rework the Gear System after some early Alpha player feedback and they are ready to share what the new system looks like with us. This post sums up the information I could find on Equipment & the Tailor Systems  in Magic: Legends (without breaking the NDA and only covering what the devs themselves have already shown us).

Info Video footage:


There are 6 equipment Slots:

  • Helmet
  • Chest/Body  armor
  • Gloves
  • Boots
  • +2 slots for Accessories

There are also 4 rarities:

  • Common
  • Uncommon
  • Rare
  • Mythic rare

And each equipment item you can get all sorts of mods/affixes, such as:

  • DPS or Survivability mods
  • DMG Potency of Certain Attack (primary, secondary), Class Ability or for the various Mana Types
  • Resistances vs Specific Mana type DMG
  • Soulsteal Potency (on kill, not on hit sadly)
  • and much, much more

There will also be mods that grant you various procs (triggered effects) that can do all sort of things like buff you, debuff the enemies, do certain type of DMG, healing, summon creatures, etc.

Looting an item unlocks it as both a usable piece as well as a cosmetic skin that can be applied by visiting the tailor.

This Nemesis Mask has 3 mods by default:

A nemesis Mask Drop

A Core Mod that has % chance to taunt enemies when damaging them at full Hero HP. As well as two Adaptive ModsBlue mana Resistance & Health Globe Potency.

The taunting mod provides a nice synergy for a close range Geomancer build with the Molten Shell Spell. The Geomancer receives shield over the HP bar while doing decent DMG in close range to enemies that are forced to focus their attacks on the player.

All gear we get will have a single core mod (fixed) and 1 or more adaptive mods (swappable).

Finding a duplicate piece of equipment will either unlock new adaptive mods or provide upgrade tokens which would allow Plainswalkers  to upgrade any of the item’s current equipped mods or swap out the adaptive mods. Here’s an example of swapping out a mod on the Nemesis Helmet shown above:

the “Swap” menu/UI
the resulting, re-rolled item version

Considering the variety of mods and mod customization + the Artifact setup variety & deck building variety, the game looks promising in terms of build diversity and customizing the way one plays it. And speaking of Customizing, let’s talk about The Tailor.

The Tailor:

We all know that looking dapper while slayer monsters in games is a crucial part to any game and it’s much more pleasant when you have ways to customize exactly how dapper you look instead of being a clone of any other person that plays the same class. The Tailor system allows us to to just that in a few ways.

Changing the main & secondary equipment Dyes/Colours:

Changing the Appearance of various Equipment pieces:

changing the Body Armor skin
changing the Feet Armor skin

And if you made a mistake during your hero creation or just want to change some parameters like your Plainswalker’s Face or Body type, you could do that as well:

changing the Plainswalker’s Face type

More info about the game as well as to Sign Up for Open Beta (starts on 23rd of March) you can visit the game’s official website:

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