All Echo Bossfights in Magic: Legends

All Echo Bossfights in Magic: Legends

In Magic: Legends there is one Echo Bossfight per region that can be accessed after Escalating each of the Overworlds. Plainswalkers can work together to unlock a portal that leads to the boss by completing various activities in that overworld such as skirmishes, defending or re-capturing mana towers. I’ll update this with screenshots later today but for now I’ve added embeds to my short videos about each one – separated for easier digestion in case you just need 1 of them and don’t want a big video with all in one place.

Edit: Screenshots added now as well.

Tazeem – Echo of the Avenger

teleport to the indicated spot and then it’s a bit to the east

Benalia – Echo of the Lich King

teleport as indicated then head southeast towards the mana tower, next straight north from the tower, taking the stairs towards the castle ruins

Shiv – Echo of the Oppressor

teleport as indicated then head south & do a u-turn then head straight north as indicated the portal spawns in between two sets of barricades

Gavony – Echo of the Witch

teleport as indicated then head southeast, you’ll pass a tree and eventually see the portal near a big hole in the floor

Tolaria – Echo of the Banished

Teleport as indicated then go north for a few meters and turn to the west. Keep going west, past the bridge till the room in the end. It’s in the southwest corner of the room

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