The Meditation Realm / Plane in Magic: Legends


In Magic: Legends players unlock their own “base of operations” very early in the game. This place is referred to as the Meditation Realm or Meditation Plane. It is where our Plainswalkers can build and upgrade various workstation (or structures) that each have their own functionalities. There are 5 known structures to me: Aetheric Core, Arcane Workshop, Mystical Study, Mana Vault, Prophetic Quill. There have also been rumors circulating about a cartographer structure but that was just the Prophetic Quill‘s old name. Let’s take a closer look at each of those 5 structures.

an old Meditation Realm concept (the Cartographer is now called Prophetic Quill)

Video Version of the Guide:

The Aetheric Core

This is the core structure of your Realm (pun intended?). Upgrading the Aetheric Core grants you access to more advanced buildings and better resource generation. In this structure you can Build and Upgrade the 5 types of Land corresponding to the 5 mana types. And the higher rank the Lands are, the higher spell ranks benefit from their bonus.

The Aetheric Core and all other Workstation / Structures can be upgraded all the way to Rank 6:

various Aetheric Core levels (max is lvl 6)


Lands are a must have to upgrade your Aetheric Core & provide amazing Cost reduction when upgrading Spells

Lands have two major purposes: they are needed to rank up your Aetheric Core & they also reduce the number of spell pages required to upgrade your spells. Upgrading your Aetheric Core to rank 3, for example, would require owning 1 of each type of land + rank 2 Mystical Study, Arcane Workshop, and Mana Vault. There are 5 types of Lands each corresponding to a certain mana Type and you upgrade all of them at the same item with a single project for Rank 1 and Rank 2. Starting with Rank 3 they all get upgraded separately:

  • Plains Reduces by 75% the number of Spell Pages required to rank up white spells from a certain rank to the next.
  • Island – Reduces by 75% the number of Spell Pages required to rank up blue spells from a certain rank to the next.
  • Swamp Reduces by 75% the number of Spell Pages required to rank up black spells from a certain rank to the next.
  • Mountain Reduces by 75% the number of Spell Pages required to rank up red spells from a certain rank to the next.
  • Forest Reduces by 75% the number of Spell Pages required to rank up green spells from a certain rank to the next.

The more lands you get the higher the rank of spells that benefit from it. For example: having Rank 5 of all Lands will allow you to rank up all spells from Rank 4 to Rank 5 at -75% the cost.

If you want to make the most out of your spell pages you might want to be a bit frugal with the upgrades unless you start feeling underpowered and maybe only upgrade the most important spells of your deck until you have gotten the next Lands upgrade that lets you upgrade at half the cost.

The Mystical Study

Getting Mystical Study to Rank 2 unlocks the “Research Spells” project

This workstation (or structure) allows you to unlock new classes, learn new spells, gain spell pages (time gated) to increase the power of existing spells. A higher Mystical Study Rank grants access to more and higher rarity spells. Here is an example of the Unlock Class functionality:

Unlocking a Class costs a big chunk of all mana types + some Aether

Just like the other workstations, the Mystical Study can be upgraded up to Rank 6.

The Arcane Workshop

the Higher the Arcane Workshop Rank, the more functionality it provides

This workstation (or structure) grants lets you craft Artifacts, new Equipment, unlocks increased relic fragment rates as well as the functionality to Research Relic Fragments (which are needed to upgrade artifacts). The higher the Arcane Workshop Rank the more functionality you can unlock. Plainswalkers will not be able to find certain artifact rarities until the project that enables those drops has been completed in the Workshop (as seen in the image below).

this unlocks Rare Artifacts to start dropping

Here’s an example Artifact that could be crafted at the Arcane Workshop (note that you can get many artifacts as world drops and this is optional crafting):

A Burgeoning Seed lesser Artifact, crafted from the Workshop

Just like the other workstations, the Arcane Workshop can be upgraded up to Rank 6.

The Mana Vault

This workstation (or structure) has two major functionalities:

  • to Harvest Planar Mana, which is time gated but also has a version that uses refined aether to “rush” a separate Harvest
  • to Refine Shadow Orbs – this requires an Orb of Shadows that drops from World Bosses. Players can only obtain up to 5 Orbs of Shadows per week sadly. Refining Orbs will reward the Plainswalker with Gold, Unrefined Aether and other resources.
Refining an Orb of Shadows

Just like the other workstations, the Mana Vault can be upgraded up to Rank 6:

It might take a while to reach that last Rank so it better be worth it

The Prophetic Quill

Prophetic Quill at Rank 1
Prophetic Quill at Rank 2 (Aether Rush is now available)













This workstation (or structure) is used to make the endgame experience harder but more rewarding. The Prophetic Quill is used to create World Enchantments, which can then be applied to content such as Story Missions or Ordeals. World Enchantments can only be applied to Hard, Expert and Master content. So far there are 27 World Enchantments with 3 different tiers but the devs will most likely continue adding more.

Another function of the Prophetic Quill is the ability to Expand your World Enchantment Inventory size. Here are some examples of the project to create enchantments & the one to expand the inventory size, as well as an example enchantment and what you can get if you salvage an enchantment:

Creating a World Enchantment
Expanding the World Enchantment Inventory from 6 to 9
Expanding the World Enchantment Inventory from 9 to 12



an example crafted World Enchantment in the Inventory
Salvaging a World Enchantment does not seem really worth it

The Meditation Realm is just one of the things that will keep us busy and grinding Planar Mana, Gold, Aether and other resources. Those who dislike grind may not enjoy this; but if you’re well versed in the art of repetitive farming of the same content, then you’ll feel right at home in Magic: Legends and you Meditation Plane.


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