7 Leveling Tips for Newbies in Godfall

7 Tips for Newbies in Godfall

This is a small guide for Godfall (including a video version below) that is aimed towards new players. I’ve gather up 7 Tips that could help you while leveling and going trough the story on your way to the endgame as well as on your way to lvl 50 (the lvl cap).

Guide Video footage:

Which skills to lvlup First/Early :

When you first start the story it’s important to unlock some crucial skills so that you can use certain moves. Weapon Techniques, Evade (From Finesse), Shield Throw, Weapon Timing (only if you plan to parry often and stand in one place). At lvl 4/5 I advise to have 1 point in all 3 or 4 of those. Start working your way op/down the middle and since it’s free to respec don’t be afraid to experiment.

Might Stacking & Good LVLUP Valorplates:

Stacking Might is VERY strong both Early and Late game. Early on in the game getting a Valorplate like Greyhawk or Armistice would give you the opportunity to sack a ton of Might and get some amazing dps going. I loved Greyhawk’s Soulshatter stacking for when leveling up but maybe Armistice and his Breach bonuses would be a good leveling Valorplate too.

One-Directional Building:

Focus on the stacking bonuses that are matching & build one-directional. The ‘hit them fast & hard approach‘ will be rewarded in this game, especially combined with some well timed dodges. Tanking seems pretty meh in the game and you’ll have a hard time trying to tank stuff at certain bosses and higher difficulties.

Early LVL Sigil Hunt Farming:

While you progress the story there will be times when you need a certain amount of Sigils. If you don’t want to return back to the previous realm when doing the next 1 or 2, you’ll want to take some time to farm a decent number of those for that realm. Get like 40 Earth Sigils from the Earth Realm before the first Big Boss fight (when it asks you to get 10).
Then in the water Realm when it asks you to collect Earth + Water Sigils you’ll already have the Earth ones. This is when you do the same thing and get like 20-30 Water Sigils from Water Realm Hunts.
The Air Realm big Boss fight will ask you to collect all 3 Sigil types and you’ll already have Earth & Water so you’ll only need to go get a bunch of Air Sigils.
By doing it this way you avoid the need to go back to previous realm & also get some loot and exp from the hunts.

Dreamstones – to Rush or NOT to Rush?:

When doing Dreamstones there are 2 approaches:

  • The 1st option is rushing the hunt missions and avoiding all mobs to go straight to the mini-boss(es) at the end. This will result in you being under-leved at one point and you may need to do Tower of Trials to catch up on the exp to continue further.
  • The 2nd option will be to kill some enemies on your way to the mini-bosses in those hunt missions and to try and get as close as possible to a total of 2 levels’ worth the exp altogether from the two hunts combined. The Dreamstones progress by increments of 2 lvls up to lvl 50 (even up to 54) so it’s good to try and keep up with that level.


The game has 3 difficulties – Easy, Normal, & Hard. Each of them has it’s own pros and cons.

Hard, as the name implies, is most difficult but also is more rewarding than the other two. It takes longer to defeat enemies on Hard and it may not always be worth the extra time spent for the bonus loot you get. It’s not the best for soloing but seems lie a decent challenge for a full team in co-op. The enemies get more hp and do more dmg on Hard.

On Easy the enemies do less dmg and have less HP compared to Normal. It’s a decent choice for those who want to rush through the story (even tho at times it still could feel pretty difficult when you solo in the game due to all the enemy attacks and damage being focused on you).

Normal is the standard Godfall Experience. It’s a balanced difficulty that provides a sufficient challenge for the not-so-hardcore players that don’t really want to rush the story too much.

Ailments & How they Work:

You can proc Ailments if your weapon/skill/proc does that same type of damage (Water = Chill, Physical = Bleed, Air = Shock, Fire = Ignite, Void = Curse, Earth = Poison)
Ideally, you’ll aim for getting % chance to inflict <ailment type> as secondary stat. And if going for bonus %dmg based on number of ailments on an enemy in your build then try to get various damage types from procs/skills/items/etc. and stack % chance to inflict <ailment type> for the damage those things to as well.
All ailments give you 8% chance by default. Getting to 20%+ is doable very easy when 2 of the following: weapon, ring, or amulet have a % chance to inflict <ailment type> affixes

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