Spinning Iceball Forged Cold Heart Build (Torchlight 3 Early Access)

Spinning Iceball

This build is a complete lvl 60 setup and is UP-TO-DATE with the new relic subclass rework. The subclass used is Cold Heart. I consider the build as underpowered and far from META. It can dish out decent damage when we are buffed up & our energy is full and that damage comes from Cyclone Mode + Vortex Bomb + Ice Shield. Once some bugs get fixed and hopefully Frost Skin also gets a massive cooldown decrease, this build (in the way I’ve synergized it) will stop being uderpowered and be a very nice setup to play. A nice source of extra damage comes from Sonic Pulse which applies +40% dmg vulnerability. To make things better we get another +25% Damage Buff, some crowd control & lil bit of extra DPS from Snowstorm (sadly currently with a bugged T3 bonus so no real 100% crit chance vs frozen). Cyclone Mode + Vortex Bomb + Ice Shield when used in the right order, and after activating Snowstorm & applying Sonic Pulse, can result in some very good DPS combo Adding to this the DPS of Cold Front + Ice Shield‘s DPS and the damage piles up. Ice Shield also gives us a buff that lets us ignore fully the next 3 sources of damage every 20 seconds. Combine it with Frost Skin that lets us ignore fully the damage received from 1 source of damage every 35 seconds (this is the cooldown that needs to be lowered A LOT) + Fighter’s Spirit (+50% or +70% with the Vortex Bomb T2 upgrade dmg reduction after using a melee skill/attack) and we get some nice survivability. To make things extra spicy we cast a Frost Nova every time Frost Skin breaks via Breaking Point. Ramming Robot is also our escape mechanic and mobility skill and can hit enemies to proc Fighter’s Spirit . Skittering Shoulders (even without a set bonus) is a great source of survivability so it could be used instead of the Arc-Powered shoulders if you would rater get more dmg reduction and you’re not wearing the Mountain King’s Shoulders either.

Build Video footage:

The skills I use:

  • Vent: Vortex Bomb – our vent skill + a good source of AoE damage + pulls/vacuums the enemies close to us + 20% melee combat dmg reduction for the Tier 2 bonus + the Tier 3 makes it spawn bombs for more AoE dmg.
  • Cyclone Mode – spin2win that does decent dmg and generates heat.
  • Ramming Robot – our escape mechanic and a movement skill. It also knocks back enemies we make contact with while using it. We also get 1 more charge on Tier 1.
  • Sonic Pulse – makes our enemies take 40% more dmg for 6 sec. I also can stun for 1 sec with the Tier 1 Bonus.
  • Power Projection – gives us and nearby allies 50% increased defenses + the tier 1 bonus heals for 15% max hp when used.
  • Ice Shield – it’s amazing and blocks the next 3 sources of damage + does dmg by shooting icicles around us. It’s amazing combined with a high Block Chance & a high Evasion. This one’s on a cooldown and does not cost Energy.
  • Snowstorm– It’s a great bit of Extra DPS to nearby enemies as well as a +25% dmg buff + gives us chance to freeze + Tier 3 allows us to always critically hit frozen enemies (bugged right now).
  • Cold Front – Our BIG relic skill that we can activate after spending a total of 200 energy with other skills like Snowstorm. It’s good to save and use this on champions & bosses.

The gear I recommend using is:


  • ideally, wear a good rolled version of the following cannon:
    • Unstable War Arm – Cast Vortex Bomb: if above 75 Heat, trigger a secondary heat wave, dealing 400% Weapon Dmg. You don’t care about its level and about dmg, crti chance, crit dmg & other offensive stats. Just need utility from it such as: -% relic energy cost or +%relic energy charge rate
  • A good rolled + socketed 1 handed Blue weapon + a good rolled & socketed blue Shield or Focus You could wear Wideload’s Cavebreaker if no better DPS Blue 1handed is available)
  • OR a 2-handed setup with a well rolled socketed blue 2-handed weapon.
  • Must wear at least 3 Mountain King’s pieces! I suggest wearing either 3 of those:
    Mountain King’s Helm, Gauntlets, Boots, Pauldrons + optionally wear the Cuirass [if not slotting it in the Legendarium]:

    • Mountain King’s Gauntlets Vent 75 or more Heat: gain Overheated, increasing Critical Chance by 10% for 10 seconds (becomes a +20% crit chance buff with the 3 set pieces bonus)
    • Mountain King’s Helm gives +1 Brawl Skills (+2 with the 3 piece set bonus) [I’ve tested it and it won’t give you extra levels if the skill is already lvl 10 so go for lvl 9 if you have +1 or 8 if you have +2 to those skills]
    • Mountain King’s Pauldrons– when you cast Cold Front: summons 3 Explodobots (summons 3 more when using 3 set pieces)
    • If not slotting it: Mountain King’s Cuirass (Chest) gives +1 Barrage Skills (+2 with the 3 piece set bonus) [I’ve tested it and it won’t give you extra levels if the skill is already lvl 10 so go for lvl 9 if you have +1 or 8 if you have +2 to those skills]

If you ‘slot in’ the Mountain King’s Cuirass, you can get a good stat boost from a well-rolled + socketed Blue Chest.

You’ll be looking for flat dmg, optionally % elemental dmg and/or Crit dmg/chance, +%Evasion +%Block Chance & or +% Cyclone Mode DMG, +% Brawl skills DMG, +% Vortex Bomb DMG, -%Vortex Bomb Coolodwn + others.

  • Blue Locomotion and Chest rolled for flat dmg + % elemental dmg or Crit dmg with a socket
  • Optionally: Blue Hatch rolled for % dmg (if stacking the same element across your gear) and/or Crit dmg with socket.

Blue Gear only gets 1 socket now.

Suggested Legendarium Powers (to fill in the gaps from items you’re wearing):


    • Mountain King’s Cuirass (Chest)
    • Arc-Powered Shoulders – cast: Cold Front become Charged Up for 15 sec., gaining +10% movement speed & dealing 100% weapon Damage to nearby enemies on hit (chain lightning style zaps)
    • Wideload’s Cavebreaker – On Hit: 10% chance to drop stalactites, dealing 30% weapon damage in an area

Based on your preference there are alternatives:

    • Option 1: Arc-Powered/Skittering/Woodsbeast Hatch
    • Option 2: Raging Beater (I don’t like venting my Heat with Ramming Robot personally)
    • Option 3: Arc-Powered/Skittering/Woodsbeast Chest

Or anything else you like (i.e. Skittering Shoulders if you need survivability)

The recommended stats to look for in your items are (the list is not in order of priority and is just listing good bonuses + there’s new stats and I might have missed some which will get added later):

  • + Flat Damage (any)
  • +% elemental dmg (any) – starts getting very good later on when you have a nice flat to boost with this if you match the flat with the %
  • +% Damage to Brawl skills
  • +% Damage to Cyclone Mode and/or Vent: Vortex Bomb
  • +% Damage to Snowstorm, Cold Front (I’d focus on one of those if going for relic dmg stacking)
  • -% to Ice Shield cooldown
  • -% to Sonic Pulse cooldown
  • + Health
  • + Defense (the non elemental is good for any act but lesser numbers than elemental)
  • +% Critical Hit Chance (the cap is 40% but some skills will be able to get it past the cap)
  • +% Critical Damage (the cap is 300%)
  • +% Gear Luck (eventually try to get like 50-75% total for good drop quantity – the cap is 100%)
  • +% Energy Recharge Rate
  • -% Relic Energy cost
  • +% Block Chance (capped at 40%) and goes well with Ice Shield + Frost Skin + %Evasion stacking
  • +% Chance to Evade damage (capped at 40%) and goes well with Ice Shield + Frost Skin + %Block Chance stacking
  • AVOID +% Heat Dissipation unless you want to build heat slower = slower 75+ heat vents
  • +% Chance to Chill – a decent CC proc
  • +% Chance to Poison is a decent DoT and stacks with other DoTs
  • +% Chance to Bleed and/or Burn to stack the poison with the other DoTs.
  • +% Chance to Stun/Slow/Blinda good choice but not that important.
  • +% Chance to Immobilizea very nice synergy but not really that important.
  • +% Chance to Shock – a decent proc but not really needed for this build
  • +% Additional Bolts Fired on Shock – a decent proc but not really needed for this build

The Skills and Passives I recommend are:

IMPORTANT: Keep in mind that my setup is WITH the +2 Conductor & +2 Slammer skill levels from the Mountain King’s Set Helm + Cuirass (Chest)! If you need another extra +1 or +2 Skill Points you can try getting a Helmet that grants +1 to a skill (or two skills) that you’ve invested more than a single point into. I did not use such a Helmet to avoid confusing you.

VALID FOR ALL SETUPS BELOW: You could swap the points of Cyclone Mode and Rapid Strike for a ‘Bunches of Punches’ Version with lvl4 Cyclone Mode & lvl8 Rapid Strike

REGULAR VERSION (Complete version of the one used in the video):







  1. I didn’t see a specific comments section so I’ll put it on your latest post.

    being an avid gamer since I was born in 1987 and quite good at i like to think. I used to love doing builds and theorycrafting however with life and being so busy at work I dont quite get the time to do that and just play.

    Therefore I’d like to thank you for these builds you keep updated and posting and that I for one and probably many others appreciate your work. Would be nice to have a Levelling up bit for which skills are priority to pick up.

    Keep up the good work

    1. Thank you for your comment. I was born in 1989 and I totally understand how working people sometimes are too busy to theorycraft themselves and just want a guide to follow. Your works mean a lot to me 🙂 As for your suggestion this is a much requested thing and when i have time I’ll update very single guide with suggested ways to levelup the specific build. In some cases i level up with totally different skills and then respec like 15-25 points after i gear up or the build and I’ll write up on this as well.

        1. I’d go for vortex bomb at lvl 2, at lvl 3 get ice shield. Then save points and at lvl 5 get lvl 3 ramming robot. Lvl 6,7 will be getting ice shield to lvl 2,3. Lvl 8,9 will be Rapid Strike lvl 2,3. At lvl 10 i’d get lvl 2 and 3 Vortex bomb. At lvl 11, 12, 13, 14 i’ll save the points. At lvl 15 we get lvl 5 Snowstorm and lvl 1 Sonic Pulse. At lvl 16 Get Snowstorm lvl 6. At lvl 17 get Power Projection lvl 1. At lvv 19 and 19 save points . At lvl 20 get Cold Front front lvl 1 and lvl 4 Cyclone Mode. At lvl 21 to 26 I’d get Cyclone Mode maxed out (maybe remove points from Rapid Strike if you want). Eventually next max out ice shield and get tier 2 rapid strike. Next max out vortex bomb, next max out Snowstorm, from here on fill based on your needs. I’d go for tier 2 Fracking for more cooldown reduction for vortex bomb.
          Edit: i must have deleted by accident the levels between lvl 16 and 19 so I just re-did those and the following ones.

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