Blazing Claws Dusk Mage + Flaming Destroyer Build

Blazing Claws

This build is a complete lvl 60 setup and is UP-TO-DATE with the game post-launch. The subclass used is Flaming Destroyer. I believe the build is a bit underpowered due to some bugs but maybe when the basic attack affix/passives bugs are fixed, and in the right hands, the build might be able to finish all Fazeer stages. It can dish out nice damage when we are in Harmonic Form & our energy is full. A good source of damage of this build is the combination of spamming Blazing Pillars (to dump energy and do DMG) + using Summoning Smash more often as a result of the energy dump. The basic attack relic passive (Giant Swings) also helps with generating energy quicker + has an okay dps proc. The build also gets an amazing DMG boost from the Celestial Gauntlets while Harmonic Form is active. Add to this the combination of Entropy as a good AoE nuke on a cooldown + Dark Spears to slow & to help charge the dark buff bar + Radiant Blast as spammy AoE dps & to help charge the light buff bar + Shadow Step (for mobility and an escape mechanic + Damnation to debuff the enemies so they deal 50% less dmg to us. And if this was not enough, we can also use Consecration without needing to spend points into it for an extra DMG buff. Skittering Shoulders (even without a set bonus) is a great source of survivability so it could be equipped or slotted in the legendarium but it now requires a Skill Bar slot.

Build Video footage:

The skills I use:

  • Basic Attack (Digitus or Greatblade) – a great way to replenish relic energy quicker while also procing the Giant Swing’ effect
  • Entropy – an amazing source of damage and gets better when using the Molten Reach in Legendarium for the price of an 8 sec. cooldown. It’s also an amazing Dark Buff bar builder. Alternative setup could be replacing it for Energy Spike + a Ebon Grasp in the Legendarium.
  • Radiant Blast – our spammy dps skill used for dmg & to build the Light Buff bar and to proc things
  • Dark Spears – it slows enemies & also helps with getting the Dark Buff Bar buff.
  • Shadow Step – our escape mechanic and a movement skill. It also gives a nice passive mana regen at Tier 2 and procs the Celestial BootsMana-Infused buff.
  • Damnation – debuffs the enemies to deal -50% dmg to use and out allies.
  • Consecration – gives us & our allies a +35% dmg buff. Also gives us another +15% per ally standing in the circle that seems to cap at 75% extra at 7 allies (minions seem to count as allies)
  • Blazing Pillars – It’s a great source of DPS and also an amazing way to dump energy to be able to use Summoning Smash more often
  • Summoning Smash – Our BIG relic skill that we can active after spending a total of 200 energy with other skills like Blazing Pillar. It’s good to save and use this on champions & bosses.

The gear I recommend using is:


  • A good rolled + socketed 1-handed blue weapon + a good rolled & socketed Shield or Focus. (You could also equip the Molten Reach to free up a slot the legendarium but loose a lot of DPS for now)
  • OR a 2-handed setup with a well rolled socketed blue Greatblade (Greatsword).
  • Must wear at least 3 Celestial pieces! I suggest wearing: Celestial Mask + Mask + Gloves + Boots (or wear 4 with the Pants) . If you want %elemental dmg from blue boots, slot the Celestial Boots in the legendarium + optionally wear the Cuirass [if not slotting it in the Legendarium]:
    • Celestial Gauntlets – with a 3 piece set bonus you get 100% dmg for the price of 50% increased mana cost while in Harmonic Form. Without the 3 piece set bonus it only gives 50% dmg + 25% mana cost increase while in Harmonic Form.
    • Celestial Boots Cast a Cooldown Skill: gain Mana Infused for 3 sec. Mana Infused gives 5% mana regen per sec. or 10% with the set bonus and stacks up to 2 times.
    • Celestial Mask gives +1 Dark Skills (+2 with the 3 piece set bonus) [I’ve tested it now gives you extra levels and DMG if the skill is already lvl 10 and you can use this to overcap skills]
    • Celestial Shoulders – summons 2 (4 with set bonus) netherlings when using Summoning Smash
    • Celestial Cuirass (Chest) – gives +1 Light Skills (+2 with the 3 piece set bonus) [I’ve tested it now gives you extra levels and DMG if the skill is already lvl 10 and you can use this to overcap skills]
  • Any Legendary/Blue Shoulders (for now) – any shoulder should do as long as it gives you +% dmg to Energy Spike or other DPS skills you decided to use.

If you ‘slot in’ the Celestial Cuirass, you can get a good stat boost from a well-rolled + socketed Blue Chest.

You’ll be looking for flat dmg, optionally % elemental dmg and/or Crit dmg/chance, +%Evasion +%Block Chance, +% Entropy DMG AND/OR +% Radiant Blast DMG, + X lvl to any skill you use as active and have more than 1 point into, + others.

  • Blue Legs and Chest rolled for flat dmg + % elemental dmg or Crit dmg with a socket
  • Optionally: Blue Boots rolled for % dmg (if stacking the same element across your gear) and/or %Crit dmg with socket. [IF not wearing the Celestial Boots]

Blue Gear only gets 1 socket now.

Suggested Legendarium Powers (to fill in the gaps from items you’re wearing):

MY IDEAL LEGENDARIUM COMBO (until they add the missing dmg affixes on legendary items):

  • Celestial Cuirass (chest)
  • Molten Reach (unless you’ve equipped it)
  • Ancient Ember Boots OR Ancient Ember Pants (or Arc-Powered Pants before they replace its legendary power).

Based on availability & your preference there are alternatives:

  • Option 1: Celestial Pants or other needed set piece that you’re not wearing
  • Option 2: Arc-Powered Shoulders
  • Option 3: Any Ancient Ember Piece you like

Or anything else you like (i.e. Skittering Shoulders if you need survivability)
The Arc-Powered, Woodsbeast, and Skittering shoulders now give us an active skill to slot in the skillbar which not everyone may like.

MY IDEAL LEGENDARIUM COMBO (after they add the missing dmg affixes on legendary items):

  • Celestial Boots
  • Molten Reach (unless you’ve equipped it)
  • Celestial Pants or anything you like more

This would mean you wear Ancient Ember Boots, Pants + Shoulders alongside Celestial Mask, Cuirass + Gloves.

The recommended stats to look for in your items are (the list is not in order of priority and is just listing good bonuses + there’s new stats and I might have missed some which will get added later):

  • + Flat Damage (any)
  • +% elemental dmg (any) – starts getting very good later on when you have a nice flat to boost with this if you match the flat with the %
  • +% Damage to Dark/Light skills (this seems to no longer exist)
  • +% Damage to Basic Attacks (currently not working)
  • +% Damage to Basic Attacks with Digitus OR Greatsword if using one (this one does work properly)
  • +% Attack Speed for Basic Attacks (caps at 60%)
  • +% Damage with Entropy and/or Radiant Blast
  • -% Radiant Blast Mana Cost – this can be very nice and allow us to remove Tier 2 Shadow Step to save 3 points.
  • +% Damage to Blazing Pillar, Summoning Smash (I’d focus on only one of those if going for relic dmg stacking)
  • + Health
  • + Defense (the non elemental is good for any act but lesser numbers than elemental)
  • +% Critical Hit Chance (the cap is 40% but some skills will be able to get it past the cap)
  • +% Critical Damage (the cap is 300%)
  • +% Gear Luck (eventually try to get like 50-75% total for good drop quantity – the cap is 100%)
  • +% Energy Recharge Rate is pretty good for this build
  • -% Relic Energy cost is pretty good for this build
  • +% Block Chance (capped at 40%)
  • +% Chance to Evade damage (capped at 40%)
  • +% Mana Regeneration
  • +% Chance to Chill – a decent CC proc
  • +% Chance to Poison is a decent DoT and stacks with other DoTs
  • +% Chance to Bleed and/or Burn to stack the poison with the other DoTs.
  • +% Chance to Shock – a decent proc and also could be nice for this build
  • +% Additional Bolts Fired on Shock – a decent proc and also could be nice for this build
  • +% Chance to Stun/Slow/Blindgood but not a very important choice tho as we can slow with Dark Spears.

The Skills and Passives I recommend are:

IMPORTANT: Keep in mind that my setup is WITH the +2 Dark & +2 Light skill levels from the Celestial Set Mask + Cuirass! On top of that I did NOT have extra +1, 2 ,3 Skill Point(s) from my Mask/Helmet.

MY IDEAL SETUP (when all basic attack bonuses get fixed):







    1. I can make one later tonight but this one may not be leveled as a basic attack build and most likely will be similar to the way i leveled the Pyrosmasher. In fact, it’s best to use the leveling guide from the pyrosmasher and then respec the skills.

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