BIG GRIZZ Diablo IV Druid Build

BIG GRIZZ Druid BUILD for Diablo IV

(this build’s got that BIG GRIZZ energy & uses two defensive skills, making it beary tanky)

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Diablo IV launches on June 6th, 2023 for PC (Battle.Net), XBOX, & PlayStation with a 4 days Early Access (no wipe) for pre-orders (so kind of really launching June 2nd).

Diablo IV’s Open Beta Tests are almost here and I felt motivated to make some Pre-Launch theorycrafted semi-builds that should be good for ‘fresh-into-endgame’ characters when the game launches. I also plan to evolve them into FULL builds when the game is released & keep them updated when we get rebalance updates. This is one such build for the Druid Class called BIG GRIZZ.

The Beta tests will only let us reach lvl 25 and only let us play in the first Act/Zone (Fractured Peaks) so those builds will be more useful for the actual game launch and ideally for characters around lvl 50+ or 60+. I’ve used 50+ and 60+ skill points when making the builds instead of the full 100 so that they can be used to jumpstart a player’s post-story endgame grind.

I’ve also made spreadsheets for those builds (see the links below) that have shortlisted the active and passive skills + legendary aspect that work well with the build so one can spend the extra skill points on the way to lvl 100 into those other skills.

This build as updated as a READY-FOR-LAUNCH SETUP. Check the new version by clicking this link!

Video Version:

Skill Trees

Below you’ll see ONLY the Active & Passive skills that were selected for this build. For additional skills that can be taken on the way to lvl 100 + alternative skill options, you can check my pre-launch builds spreadsheet on this link. This build (BIG GRIZZ) is one of the builds on that spreadsheet.

Some of the skill icon images you see could be outdated & different from what is seen in the Full release version. I plan to replace them once the Beta ends or after the full launch

Basic Skill (Resource Generator/Builder) (Required Points: 0 )

  • (active) Maul – Shapeshift into a Werebear and maul nearby enemies, dealing +21.00% (X-?) damage. Type: Shapeshifting Damage: Physical Generates: 11 Spirit
    • (1st upgrade) Enhanced Maul If an enemy is hit by Maul, then Fortify for X.
    • (2nd upgrade – my pick of the 2) Fierce Maul While Healthy, Maul grants 4 additional Spirit.

Spirit / Core Skill(s) (Resource Spender) (Required Points: 2 )

  • (active) Pulverize Shapeshift into a Werebear and slam the ground, dealing 52.50% (X-?) damage to nearby enemies. Talents: Iron Hide, Hunt the Weak, Feral Spirit, Quickshift, Storm and Claw, Elemental Exposure. Type: Shapeshifting Damage: Physical Spirit Cost: 34
  • (1st upgrade) Enhanced Pulverize Pulverize deals 20% (muiltiplicative) increased bonus damage when hitting 2 or more enemies.
  • (2nd upgrade – my pick of the 2) Primal Pulverize Enemies hit with Pulverize deal 15% reduced damage for 4 seconds.
  • (passive) Heart of the Wild Maximum Spirit is increased by 3.
    • (upgrade did NOT take to save points) Wild Impulses Your Core Skills cost 5% (multiplicative) more Spirit but deal 10% (multiplicative) increased damage
    • (upgrade) Abundance Basic Skills generate 5% more Spirit.
  • (passive) Predatory Instinct Critical Strike Chance against nearby enemies is increased by 3%.
    • (upgrade) Iron Fur While in Werebear form, damage reduction is increased by 3%. This bonus persists for 3 seconds after leaving Werebear form.
    • (upgrade – did NOT take cuz it’s a Werewolf synergy) Digitigrate Gait / Lycanthropic Speed
  • (passive) did not pick other Spirit/Core passives to save points

Defensive Skills (Required Points: 6 ) I took both of the Defensive skills listed below

  • (active) Debilitating Roar Shapeshift into a Werebear and bellow with ferocity, reducing the attack speed of nearby enemies by 50% for 4 seconds. Talents: Iron Hide, Hunt the Weak, Feral Spirit, Quick Shift, Storm and Claw. Type: Shapeshifting Damage: Physical Cooldown: 22 seconds
  • (1st upgrade) Enhanced Debilitating Roar Debilitating Roar also Fortifies you for X.
  • (2nd upgrade – my pick of the 2) Preserving Debilitating Roar Debilitating Roar also heals you for 4% of your maximum Life each second for its duration.
  • (passive) Ancestral Fortitude Increase your non-physical resistances by 5%.
    • (upgrade) Vigilance You Take X% reduced damage for X seconds after using a Defensive Skill.
  • (active) Earthen Bulwark Rocks surround you for 3 seconds, making you Unstoppable and absorbing up to X damage. Type: Earth Magic Damage: Physical Cooldown: 16 seconds
  • (1st upgrade) Enhanced Earthen Bulwark Earthen Bulwark makes you Unstoppable while active.
  • (2nd upgrade – my pick of the 2) Preserving Earthen Bulwark Casting Earthen Bulwark grants X Fortify.

Companion Skills (Required Points: 11 ) I did NOT take a companion BUT if you want to sacrifice one of the Defensive skills, I recommend the skills & upgrades below

  • (active) Ravens Active: The target area is swarmed with ravens. dealing 89.25 (X-?) damage over 6 seconds. Type: Companion Damage: Physical Cooldown: 25 seconds
  • (1st upgrade) Enhanced Ravens Passive: Ravens fly above you and periodically attack your enemies for 13.85% (X-?) damage every 5 seconds.
  • (2nd upgrade – my pick of the 2) Ferocious Ravens Enemies inside the swarm of Ravens when it is activated become Vulnerable for 3 seconds.
  • (passive) did not pick any Companion passives to save points BUT even if you take a companion i still won’t recommend the Companion passives for this build

Wrath Skills (Required Points: 16 )

  • (active) Trample Shapeshift into a Werebear and charge forward, dealing 26.25% (X-?) damage and Knocking Back enemies. Enemies who are Knocked Back into terrain take an additional 47.25% (X-?) damage and are Stunned for 3 seconds. Type: Shapeshifting Damage: Physical Cooldown: 14 seconds
  • (1st upgrade) Enhanced Trample You are Unstoppable during Trample.
  • (2nd upgrade – my pick of the 2) Savage Trample Casting Trample grants 20 Spirit.
  • (passive) did not pick any Wrath passives to save points but there are some worth considering

Ultimate Skills (Required Points: 23 )

  • (active) Grizzly Rage Shapeshift into a Dire Werebear for 10 seconds gaining 20% (multiplicative) bonus damage and 20% (multiplicative) damage reduction. Damage bonus is increased by +3% each second while in this form. Kills extend the duration by 1 second up to +10 additional seconds. Cooldown: 60 seconds
  • (1st upgrade) Prime Grizzly Rage You are unstoppable when Grizzly Rage is active.
  • (2nd upgrade) Supreme Grizzly Rage Gain X Fortified Life per second while Grizzly Rage is active.
  • (passive) Defensive Posture Increase the Damage Reduction gained while you are Fortified by an additional +3%.
    • (upgrade) Thick Hide Whenever you are Stunned, Immobilized, or Knocked Down, Fortify for X.
    • (upgrade – did NOT pick to save points) Nature’s Resolve 5% chance when struck to Fortify you for X

Specializations (Required Points: 33 )

  • (passive) Ursine Strength Gain 20% (multiplicative) additional maximum Life while in Werebear form and for 3 seconds after leaving Werebear form. While Healthy, deal 20% (multiplicative) increased damage.

Class Mechanic (Spirit Boons):

I don’t have much info regarding the Spirit Boons but I think you can pick at least 2 from the same category + maybe 1 more from another. I’ll leave this empty for now.

Legendary Aspects / Powers

I will only list the Legendary Aspects that have been selected for the build and the slots in which I advise putting those. For in-depth information you can check my pre-launch builds spreadsheet on this link. This build (BIG GRIZZ) is one of the builds on that spreadsheet.

  • Helm: Aspect of Shared Misery
  • Amulet: Ballistic Aspect
  • Chest: Skinwalker’s Aspect
  • Pants: Mending Stone
  • Gloves: Aspect of Quicksand
  • Boots: Ghostwalker Aspect
  • Ring 1: Aspect of The Umbral
  • Ring 2: Aspect of The Rampaging Werebeast
  • 1H Weapon (see note below): Crashstone Aspect
  • Off-hand (see note below): Aspect of The Ursine Horror
  • 2-H Weapon (see note below): Crashstone Aspect
NOTE: I recommend using 1H + offhand so that you can get an extra aspect. 

If you go for 2-Handed and put Aspect of The Ursine Horror in the Gloves Slot you could move Aspect of Quicksand to the Chest Slot, while removing Skinwalker's Aspect from the setup or replacing Mending Stone in the Pants slot with it (skinwalker).

Useful Links (Spreadsheets & more):

For all of my Diablo IV Pre-Launch Theorycrafts/Builds: This Spreadsheet

For my Diablo IV Pre-Launch Class Skill Trees (can be used as mini-calculator): This Spreadsheet

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This concludes the BIG GRIZZ Druid Build for Diablo IV. If you’re interested in the game, below are links to the various platforms where one can buy it (you can just click the links to open a new tab):

PC (Battle.Net)



Official Website

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