Electrified Sharpshooter Electrode Build (Torchlight 3 Early Access)


This build is a complete lvl 60 setup and is UP-TO-DATE with the new relic subclass rework. The subclass used is Electrode. I consider the build as not underpowered but also NOT META. It can dish out serious damage when we are buffed up & our energy is full. A major source of damage of this build are procs such as Lightning Strike and Wideload’s Cavebreaker’s Stalactites and in order to get many procs we try to maximize the hits per second via various skills. The build stacks extra damage sources that come from two skills: Loyal Shasta (taunts and then gives us passive +50% dmg vs taunted enemies), Sacrifice to Goose (applies vulnerability making enemies take 25% more dmg or 30% with the Tier 1 bonus). Add to this the combination of 25% Damage Buff from Localized Storm along its extra nice DPS + Ghost Visage (for mobility + an extra 50% crit chance buff that supposedly will go over the 40% cap but seems to not do so yet) & our main DPS skill – Targeted Strikes OR Tight Grouping OR Explosive Arrow + Thousand-Volt Burst and it’s very high damage and +50% casting speed buff . And if this was not enough, we have our major source of procsScout’s Bones (with an Infectious Shooter in the Legendarium) with it’s amazing projectiles flying in every direction. Add Reload with two charges on top of this and we can spam like crazy, especially while the +50% casting speed buff of Thousand-Volt Burst is active.  Skittering Shoulders (even without a set bonus) is a great source of survivability so it could be used instead of the Arc-Powered shoulders if you would rater get more dmg reduction and you’re not wearing the Musketeer Shoulders either.

EDIT: 18th October 2020:  Wideload’s Cavebreaker is no longer as good as before. Consider replacing it. Turns out it was doing Wideload’s actual skill which does 100% weapon dmg not 30% as it is supposed to. It also was procing other procs, which it’s not supposed to. It’s still not bad but not great either.

EDIT 16th October 2020: I’ve added a suggested way to lvlup any Electrode Sharpshooter at the bottom of this page/build.

Keep in mind that every relic had an amazing passive that gave it +5% of the corresponding elemental damage per level (total of 25%). This passive was AMAZING but the +25% dmg has now been removed. The silver lining here is that every build looses DPS, but we no longer need to use flat dmg affixes matching the relic element so it’s a bit easier to gear up builds now.

Build Video footage:

The skills I use:

  • Targeted Strikes OR Tight Grouping OR Explosive Arrow – our spammy DPS skills. A very good source of damage.
  • Loyal Shasta – used to taunt enemies and keep them grouped up for our dmg spam also makes taunted enemies take 50% more dmg. Can do some more dmg + heal us when the Shasta’s Promise shield is equipped/slotted in the Legendarium.
  • Sacrifice to Goose – we use it to apply vulnerability, making enemies take 25% more dmg or 30% with the Tier 1 bonus
  • Reload – resets the cooldowns of all Adventure Skills and also fully restores our ammo
  • Ghost Visage – our escape mechanic and a movement skill. We also get 50% crit chance for the next 3 uses of Targeted Strikes/Tight Grouping/Explosive Arrow after using it
  • Scout’s Bones – When boosted by the Infectious Shooter pistol this one shoots poison projectiles in all directions as the rat ball(s) travel forward.
  • Rizzi’s Fate – helps with slowing the enemies so they can take 10% more dmg (it’s Tier 2 bonus gives +10% dmg vs Slowed, Stunned, or Blinded enemies). This can be removed when using Tight Grouping as it Slows too.
  • Localized Storm – It’s a great Extra DPS to nearby enemies + also helps get more stuff procing as well as a +25% dmg buff + another 10% Movement Speed to us and nearby allies.
  • Thousand-Volt Burst – Our BIG relic skill that we can active after spending a total of 200 energy with other skills like Localized Storm. It’s good to save and use this on champions & bosses.

The gear I recommend using is:


  • A well rolled socketed blue 2-handed weapon.
  • OR a 1-handed setup with good rolled + socketed 1 handed Blue weapon + a good rolled & socketed blue Shield or Focus. (You could wear Wideload’s Cavebreaker or Infectious Shooter if no better DPS Blue 1-handed is available)
  • Must wear at least 3 Musketeer pieces! I suggest wearing: Musketeer Hat + Gloves + (Boots or Shoulders). If you want %elemental dmg on blue boots, get the Musketeer Shoulders and slot the Boots (replacing the Lil’ Drake) + optionally wear the Robe [if not slotting it in the Legendarium]:
    • Musketeer Cavalier Hat – gives +1 Precision Skills (+2 with the 3 piece set bonus) [I’ve tested it and it won’t give you extra levels if the skill is already lvl 10 so go for lvl 9 if you have +1 or 8 if you have +2 to those skills]
    • Musketeer Gauntlets – summons one (or two with the 3 piece set bonus) archer spirits to fight alongside you (they use Tight Grouping)
    • Musketeer Boots (not a bad bonus and we o wear 3 Musketeer pieces for the set bonus)
    • Musketeer Shouldersuse a potion: restore a charge of Ghost Visage (2 charges restored with the set bonus)
    • If not slotting it: Musketeer Robe – gives +1 Adventurer Skills (+2 with the 3 piece set bonus) [I’ve tested it and it won’t give you extra levels if the skill is already lvl 10 so go for lvl 9 if you have +1 or 8 if you have +2 to those skills]
  • Arc-Powered Shoulders (a great choice when not using the Musketeer ones) – Cast Thousand-Volt Burst: become Charged Up for 15 sec., gaining 30% Movement Speed and dealing 100% Weapon Damage to nearby enemies on hit

If you ‘slot in’ the Musketeer Robe, you can get a good stat boost from a well-rolled + socketed Blue Chest.

You’ll be looking for flat dmg, optionally % elemental dmg and/or Crit dmg/chance, +%Evasion +%Block Chance, +Additional bolt(s) fired on shock, +% Precision Skills dmg, +% Targeted Strikes/Tight Grouping/Explosive Arrow DMG (depending what you use) + others.

  • Blue Legs  and Chest rolled for flat dmg + % elemental dmg or Crit dmg with a socket
  • Optionally: Blue Boots rolled for % dmg (if stacking the same element across your gear) and/or Crit dmg with socket.

Blue Gear only gets 1 socket now.

Suggested Legendarium Powers (to fill in the gaps from items you’re wearing):


  • Musketeer Robe (Chest)
  • Infectious Shooter (Pistol) – this boost our Scout’s Bones skill and gives it an amazingly fun ability to shoot loads of poison projectiles which results in a ton of procs. VERY GOOD SOURCE OF DPS for this build!
  • Wideload’s Cavebreaker – On Hit: 10% chance to drop stalactites, dealing 30% weapon damage in an area THIS ONE IS NO LONGER AS GOOD AS BEFORE. CONSIDER REPLACING IT.

Based on availability & your preference there are alternatives:

  • Option 1: Lil’Drake
  • Option 2: Arc-Powered Shoulders (if not equipped)
  • Option 3: Arc-Powered Boots (when at high block chance)
    Or anything else you like (i.e. Skittering Shoulders if you need survivability)

The recommended stats to look for in your items are (the list is not in order of priority and is just listing good bonuses + there’s new stats and I might have missed some which will get added later):

  • + Flat Damage (any)
  • +% elemental dmg (any) – starts getting very good later on when you have a nice flat to boost with this if you match the flat with the %
  • +% Damage to Precision skills
  • +% Damage to Targeted Strikes OR Tight Grouping OR Explosive Arrow (depends what you use)
  • +% Damage to Localized Storm, Thousand-Volt Burst (I’d focus on either Localized Storm or Thousand-Volt Burst if going for relic dmg stacking)
  • + Health
  • + Defense (the non elemental is good for any act but lesser numbers than elemental)
  • +% Critical Hit Chance (the cap is 40% but some skills will be able to get it past the cap)
  • +% Critical Damage (the cap is 300%)
  • +% Gear Luck (eventually try to get like 50-75% total for good drop quantity – the cap is 100%)
  • +% Energy Recharge Rate
  • -% Relic Energy cost
  • +% Block Chance (capped at 40%)
  • +% Chance to Evade damage (capped at 40%)
  • +% Ammo Regeneration
  • +% Chance to Chill – a decent CC proc
  • +% Chance to Poison is a decent DoT and stacks with other DoTs
  • +% Chance to Bleed and/or Burn to stack the poison with the other DoTs.
  • +% Chance to Shock a decent proc and is VERY nice for this build
  • +% Additional Bolts Fired on Shock a decent proc and also VERY nice for this build
  • +% Chance to Stun/Slow/Blindgood and could be useful when investing into Tier 2 Rizzi’s Fate. Not a very important choice tho.

The Skills and Passives I recommend are:

IMPORTANT: Keep in mind that my setup is WITH the +2 Precision & +2 Adventurer skill levels from the Musketeer Set Hat + Robe! On top of that I did NOT have extra +1 Skill Point from my Hat/Helmet.

REGULAR VERSION (Complete version of the one used in the video):

lvl 4 Rizzi’s Fate + lvl 2 Energizer + lvl 8 in either Targeted Strikes OR Tight Grouping OR Explosive Arrow


lvl 4 Rizzi’s Fate + lvl 5 Energizer + 1 Spare Point + lvl 8 in either Targeted Strikes OR Tight Grouping OR Explosive Arrow


lvl 4 Rizzi’s Fate + lvl 2 Energizer + lvl 8 Sacrifice to Goose + lvl 8 in either Targeted Strikes OR Tight Grouping OR Explosive Arrow


lvl 0 Rizzi’s Fate + lvl 2 Energizer + lvl 4 Curse of Pi’pi + lvl 8 in either Targeted Strikes OR Tight Grouping OR Explosive Arrow

Suggested way to level any Electrode Sharpshooter:

At lvl 2 get Localized Storm lvl 1
At lvl 5 get Ghost Visage lvl 3 + Chaotic Strikes lvl 1 (after saving points)
At lvl 6 get Targeted Strikes lvl 1 (unless you already respeced the 1 point from Tight Grouping into Targeted Strikes)
At lvl 7, 8, 9 get lvl 2,3,4 Chaotic Strikes
At lvl 10 get lvl 1 Sacrifice to Goose and lvl 1 Reload
At lvl 11 get lvl 5 Chaotic Strikes
At lvl 15 get Lightning Strike to lvl 5 (after saving points)
At lvl 20 get Loyal Shasta lvl 6 (after saving points)
At lvl 21 get lvl 1 Thousand-Volt Burst
At lvl 22 to 26 get Chaotic Strikes from lvl 6 to 10
At lvl 27 start investing into Tingling Sensation if you lack chance to shock from gear (you might put that much earlier if needed as at least 1 point)
From this point it’s up to personal preference what to focus on – Tingling Sensation, Shocking Display, Targeted Strikes Tier 3, Reload Tier 2 or even 3 if you feel you need it, Thousand-Volt Burst, Energizer, Sacrifice to Goose Tier 1 or 2. All of those are good in their own way so prioritize what you feel you need the most at that moment.

Once you feel like you have all the legendary items needed equipped and in the Legendarium and you’re confident that it’s time to respec into the actual build, you can remove the points from Chaotic Strikes and put them towards other things (such as Scout’s Bones. Scout’s Bones is not that great from procmonster builds without the Infectious Shooter (maybe at lvl 10 it’s not that bad but still nowhere near as good as the boosted version).



    1. Hey, thanks for the comment. Hope this helps you:
      @ lvl 2 scout’s bones lvl 1 (or localized)
      @ lvl 3 localized strorm lvl 1 (or scout’s bones)
      save the next point
      @ lvl 5 if you can respec the point in tight grouping now or do it later) then lvl 1 targeted strikes and lvl 1 ghost visage (try to get lvl 3 ghost visage until you get +2 Adventurer skill levels from gear)
      next start working towards getting tier 1 localized strorm
      @ lvl 10 get 1 point into reload and 1 point into goose
      save points for Thunderstrike (lvl 15 relic passive)
      @ lvl 15 start working towards lvl 5 Thundersrike
      @ lvl 20 get 1 point thousand volt burst then work towards loyal shasta tier 2
      once you have shasta tier 2 and max lvl thunderstrike you coudl try getting goose tier 1, reload tier 2, & lvl 10 localized strorm
      After that maybe go for tier 3 targeted strikes
      next get those other relic passives (shockign display, tingling sensation).
      At this point you might wanna invest more into scout’s bones (if you get teh infectious shooter mayeb lvl this oen up sooner for more procs)
      after this get lvl 6 thousand volt burst and finally get tier 2 rizzi

  1. I’ve noticed the Lightning Strike passive from Electrode procs waaay more when using an electric damage weapon … is this just all in my head? I’ve swapped weapons back and forth and it seems like it’s an obscenely higher proc rate with the electric weapon.

    1. Thanks for the comment. Does the electric weapon have chance to shock, if it does than it makes sense, otherwise it should not make a difference. The dummy is a good way to test this with using basic attacks.

      1. I believe it did (sold it now). I guess I’m surprised you didn’t include this in your recommended stat list. My damage seemed incredibly higher with it, even compared to a weapon with 20 higher damage on it.

        1. Chance to shock is a requirement for the Lightning Strike to trigger so it makes sense if a weapon has chance to shock to get more dps. It already was included in the recommended stats along with additional shock bolts but at the bottom where i normally list the status effects. And to make sure people don’t miss it I’ve decide to now even make it in bold orange letters to make it stand out 🙂 But at lvl 60 You may loose some DPS compared a weapon with all flat dmg if you replace one of the flat DMGes with chance to shock. At lvl 60 you’ll be able to get tingling sensation for chance to shock + you can also get chance to shock on gauntlets/gloves. But it’s still good to Play a chance to shock weapon and maybe when stacking all the shock it could be better than fully stacked Flat dmg weapon with +20% lifebound on it.

        2. As Struck says, Tingling Sensation only gives you 10% chance to shock, Weapon can give you another 30%+ on top of that although i’m not at 60 so can’t say whether its better than flat damage or not, while levelling it is huge because of all the procs, not put any points into chaotic strike (so i don’t need to respec 10 points) & so far on ridiculous not struggling/dying

          What needs updated (IMO) is that you should put 1 point into Tingling sensation as soon as you unlock it while levelling, the passive is badly worded, it gives you a flat +3s to any source of shock so e.g. your bow has x% chance to shock for 1.5s & you have 1 point in the passive, everytime you shock you get 4.5s duration which means you have a much longer window to trigger both lightning strike & shocking display

          1. Thanks for writing this. I’ve noticed that tingling’s 10% can stack with another 11-12-13$ from off-hands and in the stats window it shows up as “x% Chance to shock”. Are you sure that those 10% would make a 60% chance to 66% chance? And that the flat 3 sec of that is additive to the duration to shock of a weapon? I’ll have to test this one out more but thanks for the info a lot!

          2. For some reason I can’t reply to you & can only reply to my own post

            After trying to explain with random screenshots I took a bad quality twitch clip (not set up properly as my GPU is about to get RMA’d)


            Takes close to a minute to get a proc without +chance to shock on weapon (3s) , equip 36.8% chance to proc bow (1.3s) takes about 5s to trigger a 4s+ shock (either tingling is broken, or the description doesn’t explain it properly)

            Chance to shock seems to be additive with tinglings (not sure how much you can get from 2h or 1h/off-hand + gauntlets as you can see i’m still levelling) if you can get in on gauntlets as you say then you will be able to extend the duration even further as well, ending up with 70%+ for 6s+ meaning almost every hit/kill will trigger lightning & shocking

          3. I think my wordpress theme has limits to how many layers of reply-of-a-reply-of-a-reply we can get. Yeah i actually tested this right after you told me and i saw that it’s as i thought – it’s gives you 3.0 shock duration the same way 0.X or X shock duration affixes do. And the up to 10% chance to shock just increases you x% chance to shock by adding tingling’s % additive. 1 point into tingling is good and i did mention in my suggested way to lvlup that it may be worth getting it early before. But now i straight up reworked that suggested setup with 1 point into this asap.

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