Blood Drinker Subclass Skills Showcase

Blood Drinker Subclass Skills Showcase

(bleed them to death & steal their life force)

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The Blood Drinker subclass is one of the survivability centric relics and is a favorite to many and works well with various builds. Since the subclass is a permanent choice that we make at character creation, it is nice to see all Blood Drinker skills in action and not make the choice blindly. The start of 2021 is a good time to make a series of showcases for each relic subclass. This is the Blood Drinker Skills Showcase and I hope it helps people in figuring out if the Blood Drinker subclass is their cup of tea and also gives them ideas regarding certain “build-around-me” items that they could use as synergies for specific skills.

Showcase Video footage:

Active Skills:

NOTE: To unlock the Tier 1, 2 ,3 bonuses the specific active skill needs to be at lvls 3, 6, and 10. The cooldown and Damage % numbers listed are for lvl 1 of each skill.

  • Blood Seekers (Cooldown: 1 Sec) – Coat yourself in a Blood Magic spell that drains your Relic Energy, lasting until Relic Energy is depleted. The spell conjures seeking Blood Missiles once every second, dealing 104% Weapon Damage as Physical. While the buff is active, you and nearby allies deal 25% more damage, and restore 10% Max HP per second. Tiers:

    1. Blood Missiles now heal 5% of your total health on hit
    2. -25% Relic Energy cost for Blood Seekers
    3. You fire twice as many Blood Missiles
  • Spinning Blade (Cooldown: 0 Sec; Cost: 25 Energy) – Summon a spinning blade at the target location that hits enemies for 182% Weapon Damage as Physical and additionally makes them Bleed for 45% Physical damage for 3 sec. Tiers:

    1. 10% chance when hit to trigger Spinning Blade
    2. Spinning Blade hits the target area 3 times
    3. -25% Relic Energy Cost for Spinning Blade
  • Drain (Cooldown: 0 Sec; Cost: 50 Energy) – Steal the life force of nearby enemies, dealing 292% Weapon Damage as Physical, healing you for 3% of your Max HP per enemy hit. Tiers:

    1. +3% more Healing per enemy hit with Drain
    2. Fire seeking blood missiles on activation that do current skill damage
    3. Drain fires a second time shortly after the first
  • Living Barrier (Cooldown: 20 Sec) – Create a bloody barrier around yourself, reducing incoming damage by 50% and healing you for 20% of your max health per second for 3 sec. Tiers:

    1. Living Barrier knocks back enemies on cast
    2. Living Barrier duration increased by 25%)
    3. Trigger a Bloody Explosion that deals 150% Weapon Damage when Living Barrier Ends
  • Dance of Death (Cooldown: 1 Sec) – Manifest deadly spinning blades that orbit you, slicing up enemies for 442% Weapon Damage as Physical. The blades last for 6 sec. Dance of Death can be used after spending a total of 200 Relic Energy. Tiers:

    1. Dance of Death causes a large bleed around you on activation for current skill damage for 3 secs.
    2. Dance of Death duration increased by 50%
    3. Dance of Death spawns two more blades

Passive Skills:

  • Rupture (Cooldown: 0 Sec) – Hitting a Bleeding enemy has a 5% chance to make them explode for 45% Weapon Damage in a small area. Per level bonuses:
    • Chance to Rupture +5%/+10%/+15%/+20%/+25%
  • Bloody Chalice (Cooldown: 0 Sec) – Killing a Bleeding enemy has a 2% chance to drop a Bloody Chalice which heals you for 30% of your total health and grants you 2% damage reduction for 8 sec. when collected. Per level bonuses:
    • Chance to drop a Bloody Chalice +2%/+4%/+6%/+8%/+10%
    • Damage Reduction for 8 sec. when you grab a Bloody Chalice +2%/+4%/+6%/+8%/+10%
  • Blades for Cutting (Cooldown: 0 Sec) – The sight of a sharpened sword makes Blood Drinker crave chaos. Basic attacks have a chance to conjure a Death Blade, which will orbit around you, dealing 195% Weapon damage to enemies for 6 sec.Requires an equipped Sword or Digitus/Bow/Railhammer/Cannon to trigger the effects. Per level bonuses:

    • +10% Basic Attack Damage
    • +5% Relic Energy Generation While Using Basic Attack
    • 2% Chance on Basic Hit to Spawn Death Blade
  • Bloodletter (Cooldown: 0 Sec) – Blood Drinker slices to the bone, giving you 5% chance to bleed enemies for 50% Weapon Damage for 3 sec. Per level bonuses:
    • Increased Bleed Chance +5%/+10%/+15%/+20%/+25%
  • Energizer (Cooldown: 0 Sec) – Become more attuned to your relic. Increase your Relic Energy Charge Rate. Per level bonuses:
    • Relic Energy Charge Rate +5%/+10%/+15%/+20%/+25

Possible Items to use as synergies:

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